Harvard SCEA Class of 2020 Applicant Thread

@Academic07 I will message you the link since it isn’t working in the main thread

Has Harvard released its supplementary essays?

My friend is going to finish his ALs in Sri Lanka this August and the results will only be released in the end of December or the start of January.He wants to apply for the 2020 batch but can he send the results after the deadline?

Does Harvard give one the opportunity to double major?

Harvard does not change their supplementary essays very often. For the past 3 years, Harvard’s
Supplementary essays have been

I highly doubt Admissions will change their supplemental essays for 2015-2016.

@verizonwireless i’m in the exact same boat as you. Very torn between the two!

I’m applying to UChicago. It has a more flexible plan. Harvard’s still me first love though.

SCEA gives you some advantage, especially if you are passionate applicant. I believe that large colleges look for passion, not squeaky clean applications or thesis-long resumes (aka bragsheets). Keep that in mind.

In some cases, Harvard permits joint concentrations.

I remember going through this process last year! It was stressful to say the least, but you learn a lot about yourself in the process. Hopefully I’ll see some of you on campus in a year!

I’m applying SCEA because I like the culture of Harvard. They have a lot of entrepreneurial spirit around as well as some qwerkiness. Also, the small class sizes and excellent professors make it 10/10. Just worried at this point. I know I could get in, but will I? I don’t know.

I’m also applying to Princeton, Columbia, Penn, and some low match/safeties

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Any updates on applying SCEA at Harvard? So quiet …where is everybody??

Is there any place on the application to indicate that you took a specific tour on the campus (the SEAS tour, for example)? I’d just like to show how dedicated and serious I am about attending Harvard.

@Stephiey, It is common opinion that Harvard doesn’t care about applicant level of interest. With an 80% yield, they figure just about everyone who is admitted wants to come to Harvard.

@notjoe Ah, I get it. Thanks!

Hey guys!
I heard that 10% of accepted students scored between a 24-29 on the ACT.
Do these applicants have like amazing extracurriculars? How do they get in with such low scores?

I myself have some very impressive ECs with a lot of awards incl. Harvard Model United Nations in Boston, Beijing, and Hyderabad where I served as an Assistant Director (hard to get selected as an assistant director). I did research ad have 2 papers (not yet published) Developed an app. And much more. My essays are pretty good too i hope and the recs too.
My academics are pretty good too but my ACT score isn’t great. Im taking it day after and I hope to get above 33 (I hope).

What do you think my chances are? I know a lot of people who apply have perfect scores, but with my profile do you guys think I have a shot?

Thanks :slight_smile:

About 11%of admitted students are recruited athletes. Although some athletes are top scholars, on average, they score lower on standardized tests. I know of know breakdown of scores that show athletes as a separate group, but I would not be surprised if a larger portion of that 10% were recruited athletes. With a 24 - 29, you wouldn’the be very competitive. The acceptance rate in general is a bit over 5% for all applicants. With a 24 -29 on three ACT, I’d put the likelihood of admission closers to 0%, unless you’re a recruited athlete . Not 0, but closers to 0% than to the 5% generally enjoyed by applicants.

Regarding your credentials, they sound pretty good, but a fair number if Harvard admits have similar extracurricular activities AND high test scores. With a 33, you would be near the median , and thus, competitive.

Hey guys,

I got a 720 on my Maths 2 and a 760 on my Chem Subject test. :confused:

The scores are already sent (I was feeling fairly certain that I will get a 750+).

Will the 720 hurt my application significantely?

I am really freaking out right now…

BTW I got a 35 on my ACT maths.

I want to apply SCEA of Harvard too. My ACT composite is 35, combined is 34. SAT Math 2 is 780. But class ranking and unweighed GPA is 15% and 3.7. I have unique EC: Athlete official of world game, small business owner, non profit foundations founder. Will my ranking and GPA make my application hard?