Harvard SCEA Class of 2020 Applicant Thread

Im scared shitless… Just applied…

I sent in my application a few weeks ago and I just had my interview! It’s all out of my hands now :confused:

Anyone else have a countdown?? This wait is unbearable.

@azwu331 I’ve started some of them but want to take a break for at least the next 3-4 weeks or so—finishing the Harvard one and the ones for my state school was exhausting!

@nsliyromanov I have a countdown on my wall but idk I should be counting down to Dec 15 or if I should guess and place it at Dec 11. Friend says this is unhealthy, which is probably true, but I can’t help myself.

Hey guys … how many people applied/will apply from your schools?

@RandomRhino I put in December 11th. It’s totally unhealthy but I think I have the right approach. Put my best foot forward and just assume I’ll be deferred and then if I’m accepted it’ll be the most satisfying moment of my life hahaha I wish you all the best of luck. I sent my last set of subject test scores a few weeks ago and it still says “pending” on collegeboard so thats annoying.

I was initially going to apply to Princeton SCEA but at the last minute chose Harvard. Go big or go home!

Does anyone have a link to the Facebook group?

I just had my interview; it lasted about ~50 minutes. The interviewer was really nice and personable

I applied early action to Harvard. I thought about it more and decided that I would rather apply regular decision so I can take the SAT again and improve my score. I also would like to edit some information on my application, so refiling my application with the regular decision applications won’t work. If I withdraw my early application, can I reapply for regular decision?

So I decided to apply SCEA to Harvard and on my Common app, I entered in my SAT score (I didn’t do well on this test though) and I didn’t send an official score report for that SAT test from the College Board. Will that hurt me in the application? Should I just try to send my score report for that test now? Please someone help me, I have no idea what to do.

@bouvardia take a breath. I know how scary this process is but it’ll be fine. My suggestion is for you to call the Harvard admissions office~ they are incredibly friendly and helpful.

i have my INTERVIEW tomorrow! for those who have already had their interviews within the past few weeks, how was it??? describe it pls lol.

My son had his interview today and it went very very well. I was down the hall. The interviewer was very nice and enthusiastic. He was very encouraging. The weird thing was he gave my son a calculus problem right in the middle of the interview. Then they talked about math. The interviewer was a math professor and my son is interested in math so my son thought it was the best interview ever! You will probably be assigned someone who has to do with the major you indicated on your application. That is what happened to my son, he put math, and was given a math prof and in the end a math problem to work out. Luckily, he knew how to do calculus!

Mine went well! I didn’t really connect with my interviewer like some others have said, but aside from interrupting me a lot he was pretty nice :slight_smile: I think that as long as you’re not a terrible person and incredibly rude to your interviewer, the interview won’t hurt your application. Good luck!

@Sydneykuo Regardless of the outcome, I want you to realize that from what I can tell here, you seem like a pretty outstanding person! Be proud of your accomplishments and the obstacles you’ve overcome. You are a highly competitive applicant. Believe in yourself! Good luck!

@L.Knomad. I’m not sure it’s true that your interviewer is assigned based on your expressed interest.

My older son made rather clear that his interests were Classics and engineering. His interviewer was a medical doctor.

My younger son expressed an interest in math. His interviewer is involved higher education administration.

Same type of scenario with my daughter three years ago but this year I’ve heard a lot of interviewers matching the area of interest at Harvard and Princeton. Probably just coincidence but it would actually make sense for them to try to do it.

Welp, my interview was so awkward for me. The guy was this stone-faced asian person in finance, who fixated on these extremely tiny details (i.e. whether I like to wear sweaters or jackets outside) or surprised me with ridiculous questions (he asked if i or my friends had ever done drugs). There was only like 1 moment when he laughed. Thank goodness my on campus interview was fantastic!

Haven’t had an interview so far… Did anyone send in a request for one?

Okay people I had an on campus interview with my regional admissions rep. Did most of you have an alumni interview and an on campus interview? Or just one?