Has anyone been following the ACT score fiasco?

Here, here! On the June 15 to September 15 test dates. I am sure they can’t get a critical mass of students due to vacations I know plenty of people who would jump on it.

My son got his in the 2nd or 3rd batch of releases. We were on pins and needles. Unfortunately I did not have him take the writing this time, and of course this was the test date where he got a freakishly high score (for him) on the English sub-section. It would have done wonders to raise his English/Writing composite. :confused:

Still makes me mad . . .

Another gripe about the test dates.

My kids thought it was completely unfair that wide swaths of the country had ACT and SAT tests while school was not in session. The June dates were just before or during their finals.

Don’t you think that they would if they could make more money doing so? (Hint: most schools schools are closed in July and August…what venues can they use? where will they get the proctors?)

btw: New York State law is responsible for no ACT test date in Feb.


Per ACT’s website:

While perhaps frustrating, not seeing an issue here…and I see no reason why it would torpedo an ED app – YET.

There is no “fiasco”. When we signed up for the Sept. test, the website very clearly stated what bluebayou posted above. This means that some people will not have their complete score report until after Nov. 1, since 8 weeks after Sept. 12 is clearly after Nov. 1. D has received all of her scores, including writing, as of last week. But we went in knowing that they might be late enough that she’d miss an EA date or two. I don’t know why it’s shocking to people that ACT is releasing scores exactly as the website says it will.

^ Yes, this is standard operating procedure. When our daughters were applying to colleges, we were very clear that they needed to have all their standardized testing done by June if they were planning to apply EA/ED in the fall. September ACT and October SAT test dates are simply too close to the EA/ED application deadlines to be able to count on those scores for EA/ED applications, though some colleges will accept score reports from September/October test dates even if they arrive after their official EA/ED application deadlines. Because this varies by institution, however, EA/ED applicants are best advised to have their standardized testing done by the end of junior year. This sounds more like a case of bad planning by some students and their parents than a screw-up by the ACT, which never promised test results sooner than 3-8 weeks after the test, or 5-8 weeks if the writing test is included. The SAT similarly promises scores “about 5 weeks” after the test.

@sseamom (and @bluebayou) glad your D has her WHOLE score report. Many do not. While it certainly isn’t a “fiasco”, “travesty” or "derail"ment, it is annoying that 6 weeks out some have all of the report, some have none of the report and some have half. ACT doesn’t tell you the % of score reports that are released on various dates. Maybe people were hoping they would be the ones like enough like your D to get the reports in a timely manner?

I am with you, everyone knew the score report policy going into the test. If you were worried about the scores getting back in time you should have tested earlier. My D’16 did take it early but wanted to give it one more shot, she is still waiting on her writing score. I have called the schools where she wanted to submit the Sept scores and is applying EA 11/1 to let them know the scores are coming, at least she has one complete report to submit.

But, honestly, in this day and age…I find it hard to believe that it takes ACT 8 weeks to run some bubble test sheets through a computer and spit out the scores. Reading handwritten essay maybe, but not the bubbled answers?

to the above recent posts. It is a problem…it is an admitted problem that not one but two reps from the company admitted and it has everything to do with the new writing protocol. Your chastising students and their parents is not correct here.
It is bad form for this company to not take into account that they may have encountered problems with this roll out.
But then again this testing is a business, not really meant to calculate student performance as much as to make money. I hope future students stick with the SAT and bag this ACT.

That W protocol maybe at fault for any delays, but a “problem” truly does not exist until week 9 after the test date, at which time, the ACT is late. Until then, they are doing exactly as they told you that they would when you/your child signed on the electronic dotted line. (scores available 8 weeks post-test.)

Just bcos their normal process/practice is to release scores early, does not mean that they always have to release scores early.

Personally frustrating, yes, but a “problem”, no, not yet. Sorry.

I saw a news report that there are some answer booklets from the Sept test that went ‘missing’ Believe it was from MD.
My d did get her scores in the 4th or 5th batch, and even though we ordered scores to be sent right away, some schools will not get the report until mid Nov. Depends on the method schools choose for accepting reports

Also might have been wise for ACT to roll out new test format/scoring in say, March, when it would be less likely to cause an issue for seniors looking to get score reports in before deadlines.

Yep, following this one. My daughter took the Sept. test. She took it in April as well, but the September score is significantly higher, so of course that is the one she wants to send. No writing score available yet for her for the September test. She wants to apply single choice EA school to one school, not sure how that is going to work, since it looks like the ACT scores will not be sent in time. We’ll find out soon how much it matters, I guess. She just took SAT for the first time, too, early October, and those scores will, I hope, be available on time, and I hope acceptable. She was out of the country last year, as a foreign exchange student, and got off to a later start with all the testing than is ideal. Still, didn’t expect this. Looks like ACT didn’t either.

Well, ALL the testing companies are in it for the money. There’s really no incentive for them to do ANYTHING for OUR convenience. But I’m not chastising anyone. Really, it was right there on the registration information months ago. How can it be a problem if it was never hidden, never kept quiet, that some scores would not be out until as late as mid-November? That there are still 3 weeks to go BEFORE that date, actually, there’s no real delay yet.

I’m sure that having scores back super-fast and on a single specific date like the College Board does it would be ideal, but we knew going in that was not going to be the case. Fwiw, it’s likely that because of the SAT “school day” test D took, she might miss EA at one of her schools, because THAT test date is Oct. 14, not Oct. 3. We screwed up there. But I’m not faulting the SAT people or the school-WE were the ones responsible for picking an earlier test date.

The outside dates on the website have typically been reserved for international and other special situations, but sure, let’s pretend it’s okay because they said it might take a long time. However, given that the pattern of delivering scores is significantly slower than it has ever been (despite the qualification on the website), I am concerned that they will not even deliver scores by the November 6th date. And based on the pattern of communication this time around - they certainly won’t be publicizing it if they are expecting to miss that deadline.

Unfortunately, every so often CB misses release targets dates as well.

My DD came through the Common App fiasco from a few years ago unscathed by having her counselor email and mail any needed documents. She was accepted by her ED school and is very happy there. My suggestion would be to download a PDF of the unofficial score report from the ACT website. You can download PDF Creator online to create a PDF of almost anything you see online from your computer screen.
I would then ask the high school counselor to email college admissions with the PDF of the unofficial ACT without writing attached and a note that an official report was ordered but delayed awaiting the writing score. If I had an older complete report with writing I would consider sending that as well.
Good luck to those awaiting complete ACT scores.

I just saw this on the Boston College website:



ACT is urging colleges to consider accepting the screenshots of students’ September multiple-choice scores from their official ACT student account as a provisional measure. Presumably official reports may be ordered or will be immediately forwarded once Writing scores become available. ACT advises that "the college typically receives the score report within 2 to 3 days" after an order has been placed.

I don’t think colleges are going to accept screen shots, but the other suggestion, that ACT send the scores they have (since writing does not affect the composite score) is good. I wish they would consider doing that.

Keep in mind that though the college will receive scores within 2-3 days of ordering, they take several days in some cases to “catch up” with the student’s file.