<p>what is "He got out. Sorry. I will take care of it." refer to?</p>

<p>who is "he"?</p>

<p>What college isn't "haunted"? I mean really...</p>

<p>agree with BIGTWIX exactly waht i thought</p>

<p>I lived in North (top floor, 4th?), Martyr's (entered through the center doors which I think were Lalande entrance but lived just through the doors in Goupil section), Finlay (1st floor), Walsh (4th) and spent a good deal of time in Keating basement as a student worker.</p>

<p>Nothing in Keating. I thought it was a nice place to work. My roommates hosted Cinevents in Keating auditorium and 3rd floor. Reported nothing.</p>

<p>I think students who lived in Queen's Court were told ghost stories on day one as in an ice breaker. People were a little spooked of Queen's Court but my friend never said anything unusual happened. He just had the usual roommate squabbles.</p>

<p>I think it was North, on Thanksgiving break, everyone went home except for me and two other girls on my floor because we all had this one philosophy professor who assigned a 10-15 page paper 1st semester Freshman year. Granted my floor was deserted and I hung out with one of the girls all the time during that break. She was out getting McD's. I lived near the stairs and I was in my room when I heard laughing and running down the hall. I ran to my door and looked out in the hall way to catch my friend or the other girl to see if they wanted to hangout and no one was there. Also, no slamming of a door down the hall like they had run into their room(s). I just chalked it up to people in the building really bored. </p>

<p>No problem in Martyr's except my room being really hot, had a mouse problem/bug problem, and a flu type thing broke out which overnight 6-10 people on the floor above were sick and then people across the hall got sick. We called it the plague jokingly.</p>

<p>Walsh was great.</p>

<p>Finlay, I lived on first floor and friend lived in basement. Actually I was going to write this to essentially say, I went there, lived in various buildings, heard the stories, its all talk. I think my friend in the basement did sleep with the light on occasionally. As I'm typing this, I now do remember this ONE time, my roommate was with me in our room on the first floor. We were on our laptops. It was evening time and we heard running/stomping right above us. The weird thing was that we were friends with the people right above us and knew they had gone away for the weekend. We called them and asked if anyone was in their room and they verified no. Needless to say, we were a little scared and slept with a lamp on.</p>

I was working on Millemium hall in 2002 when a fellow stone setter fell to his death.