Have a 34 ACT but am a senior—should I retake in December?

I’m a senior with an ACT of 34 (32 R, 33 S, 36 M, 36 E, 10 W) and am applying to HYPS as a math/computer science major. I’ve heard that schools view 34+ as the same, but many students at my school have a 35 and a few with a 36. Would it be worth studying for and retaking the ACT in December to get a 35 or 36? I’ve taken the test a handful of times and have already raised my score significantly, but seeing as I have very little time and am applying to 15+ colleges, I’m not sure if it’s worth it. I have a 4.4 GPA and have 800 math 2 & 790 physics.

IMO, don’t waste time retaking a score already in the 99th percentile. Focus on the rest of your application.

you’re good. if you don’t get in where you want it won’t be because of that ACT score. And those subject test scores will tell colleges you can cut it there.

For scholarships yes, for improving your chances at admissions, no.

Yes. It makes a difference.

Thanks for all the responses! For being considered for a scholarship (specifically UConn instate), is it important that I submit my subject tests?

If your confident of an improvement and want to leave no stone unturned. Sure. However, if Georgetown or a school requiring all test scores are on the table as a first choice it might make me have a different opinion.

If you need it for scholarships and merit for your school of choice, the answer is self evident.