Have Questions About Brandeis?

Email didn’t say, but I assume so

I don’t know if this thread is still active, but I’d be very grateful if @erk138 or @DrummerGenius or any other current students could weigh in on these questions:

Does North quad feel isolated? It seemed like quite a trek when we visited! Student would mostly be studying sciences.

Do you know anything about the gender-inclusive housing? I think it’s in Reitman.

Does the campus BranVan run frequently enough that it’s a viable option for getting to classes—say from North to the science buildings?

@Lynnski hey i’m not either of those but I’m a rising sophomore at brandeis and i’m also pre-med. I lived in Massell my freshman year but North Quad doesn’t really feel isolated at all. It’s even a little bit closer to the library and Usdan than Massell. It’s definitely a longer walk to the science center than from Massell quad but it’s really not a big deal(probably a 5 minute walk max as opposed to like a 2-3 minute walk from Massell). In North, you’re also wayyy closer to any classes up the Rabb steps, where, even if you’re student is studying mostly science, they’ll have some classes up there.

I don’t really know what the gender-inclusive housing you’re referring to is.

The BranVan runs frequently but you will NEVER need a branvan to get to the science center. I really don’t know anyone who takes BranVan’s to any class; Brandeis isn’t tiny, but it’s not huge either. The science center is also right in the middle of campus so the BranVan wouldn’t stop there. But, it’s like a 4-5 minute walk to GZang from North quad, which is where most freshman science classes will be.

I’ve only ever taken BranVan’s if I need to go into Waltham; you can also use them to get around campus but that’s not really like a necessity, usually just if you’re feeling lazy and you don’t feel like walking 8-10 minutes to class or its ridiculously cold or something.

I hope this helped!

Thanks @jsnow11 this was very helpful!

Hi! I wonder whether there is any business fraternity you recommend and any good organizations for business to join? I am in business major and is going to run a family business after graduation.

Is the “SEED” program worth applying to?