Help!!!! Colleges that don't look at disciplinary records

My son got a single day of out of school suspension for a nothing burger offense. His stats got him into a top 40 school, the only place he was not accepted (but was waitlisted) was Notre Dame. I think it depends on your overall record.

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Way to bring it home, the dance was getting tiring, hard to help with no real relevant data.

The question the OP wants to know is where he can get in with is record of out of school suspension. The answer is that we don’t know.

In my highly speculative opinion, depending on the offense, the most likely places are schools that have trouble filling their classes. For example, there is another thread with the list of schools that still had openings on May 1.

That is an excellent list to start from. Schools that are more likely to forgive serious infractions are schools that are financially motivated to do so.

I know of a kid who was completely expelled from his high school at the tail end of sophomore year, for selling week on campus, and he is now at UCI. He doesn’t like it that much (he wanted the whole college campus culture experience, I guess it’s more of a commuter school that half empties out on weekends) but - he got in. Take that as you will.

MODERATOR’S NOTE: Since the OP is not willing to share additional information, there is no point speculating. Closing thread.