Help dealing with nausea/sick stomach due to medication?

<p>Different idea here: morning nausea can be caused by morning low blood pressure. Are you checking for that?<br>
And, you may have two issues: the irritation/cramps and maybe then an ensuing nausea, secondary.</p>

<p>When do you take these pills and when relative to going to bed? The stomach cramps can be an irritation from the pills themselves- sometimes a dose change helps or the timing of doses- or from pill form to capsule or liquid. You seem to have been on these long enough that maybe they are starting to wear on your stomach lining. Sometimes, plain crackers and water when you wake. An extra pillow, if you can. (If part of this is reflux, they say elevate the head of the bed.) If allowed, plenty of water when you take them. Burning up the neck, similarly, can be from reflux. </p>

<p>Main thing, someone should take this seriously and see how they can moderate your side effects. As for Zantac, not all reflux meds are effective on all people, no matter what the advertising. Ask about a change.</p>

<p>Not a doctor, just form a family with GERD.</p>

<p>Interesting about the vagus nerves, dmd, and the relation to GERD.</p>

<p>Are you being tapered off your narcotics now? Did you ask if these could be symptoms of withdrawal?</p>

<p>You might ask the doctor to order bloodwork to screen for celiac sprue (tTg). </p>

<p>“As for Zantac, not all reflux meds are effective on all people, no matter what the advertising. Ask about a change.” </p>

<p>I agree completely with looking forward.</p>

<p>Both my daughter and I have separately had very bad reactions to large doses of Zantac. She had extreme fatigue, body ache and other symptoms. She switched medications and was fine. I had worsening symptoms from Zantac. Perhaps you can ask your doctor to switch from Zantac to something else. I was surprised by both of our reactions to this medication when it was taken in large doses. I have also known people who have had a difficult time with Prilosec in large doses. I have had good luck with Pepcid AC and believe it or not–Tums.</p>

<p>You may want to speak with your doctor about the medication Zofran for relieving your nausea. It can be a miracle drug for extreme nausea. It eliminates nausea almost immediately and is often used to relieve nausea symptoms from narcotics and chemotherapy.</p>

<p>I hope you feel better soon! </p>