Help Decision: College of Charleston, Florida, Florida State, South Carolina, Arizona

A child of some friends graduated from Aiken Honors College at CofC a few years back, and had a great experience there; he recently graduated from U of Michigan law school.

A Jewish classmate of my son went to CofC precisely because of the active Jewish life in Charleston.

Good luck to both of you in the decision-making process!

Thank you for your input!!

$48k for us, but when you apply ED…

Our scholarship is $25K. I’m basing it on $77K COA - so not just tuition, room & board.

Nonetheless, I know from having one in school, college costs more than they tell you. Greek, trips, late night pizzas…my daughter will study a social science so…

She’s ok with it. I’d have loved to go see the U and consider it. I hear it’s gorgeous - but money is definitely a personal thing by the family. I also have my son in school at the same time so that’s another $20K or so (for two years).

It’s awesome for your daughter though - i’m sure a wonderful expreience.

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