Help Finding the Right School for Top 1% Student - Engineering & Needs Merit Aid

Mine went to Florida Tech and while it is not an LAC and doesn’t look or feel like one, it is smaller (about 3500 on campus) and she was in the smallest department (civil) so knew all her professors well. Most students either live on campus or very close (daughter’s off campus house was next door to the freshmen dorms).

Other smaller tech schools are Embry-Riddle, Colorado school of Mines (but if she wants NASA like subjects, CU Boulder is better) Rolla in Missouri.


Mercer or Rose Hulman are two that pop into my mind.

Colorado School of Mines and CU Boulder will be $40k a year after merit, so I wouldn’t bother with those two.

I was in a similar spot as you last year. I’d give your D a project this week to come up with a list of schools that she has a decent chance of getting merit that brings the cost under $20k. Once you have the list, verify the cost and then visit them. I bet she falls in love with one or two of them or she realizes she can’t afford a fancy school and needs to love GT.


i had sort of forgotten about this school during my son’s search; but think about tulsa university. They are smaller, D1; offer engineering, and have scholarships. I saw a chart once of crossover schools that people applied as well as Tulsa; those schools included vandy, Wash U, Miami of Ohio . . . (just from memory from maybe two years ago!). My son had pretty good stats (not quite your level; and tuition ended up <10K).

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I can’t remember if you looked at or considered Vanderbilt? Of course the big scholarships are very hard to get, but the size and residential college system fit what you are looking for.

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The University of Kentucky usually gives full tuition for NMF. All of the housing is new and very nice, so they don’t give away much for housing.

UK is similar to Mississippi State in a lot of respects. A little more urban and midwestern than MSU, though. But students from Georgia make up 2.4% of enrollment, third behind Illinois (7%) and Ohio (6%).

Honors College is somewhat new and still defining itself, but generally slanted toward liberal arts and community service.

There is also a LLP for engineering.

Fordham and Richmond (3+2 and 4+2) don’t have engineering.

My daughter has submitted her applications to UGA and GT. She is currently working on her MIT application as well as the honors college applications at several of the schools to which she has already applied. For the time being, ND has been removed from her list. Also, a small liberal arts college visited her high school last week, and it threw her for a loop. She interviewed with that school this past weekend and is really reconsidering a few things.


Not sure if you are still looking for ideas, but BU offers a full tuition scholarship (plus fees) - the Trustee scholarship. It’s only 20 kids a year, but you can apply with Common Ap plus a special essay. Total COA would be about $18k with that.

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We are still open to ideas as there will definitely be some additions to my daughter’s list. Between Alabama and MSU, I think that she has two very solid safeties. We are now looking for some stretch schools - either academically or financially. Thank you.

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Quick update: My daughter was admitted to Alabama last night. She saw the decision on her portal, but I have heard that we should be expecting a letter in the mail. She’s excited!