Help International student

<p>The results are out but the Jan ones wont be mailed until mid Feb</p>

<p>I am already registered to only take SATII math in november, is it possible that i could do all 3 then? If so how do i got about doing this</p>

<p>thanks </p>


<p>My 10A*s and 1 A are GCSE grades, not A-levels. I take IB instead so I can't really respond. I appreciate you taking the time to try and help tho - thanks : ).</p>

<p>I don't know. You should check with/call the college board test center or whatever that gives out those tests. </p>

<p>They don't have tests in dec? Don't they give options to "rush" scores (pay certain $ extra) so the Jan results can reach them by Feb 1?</p>

<p>I am surprised Jan exams are too late. I know when I applied to colleges 10 years ago, Jan exams were totally okay for RD. I thought improved technology would make scoring faster and hence would further the deadline, not the other way around. It's probably because nowadays the number of applicants are a lot more than before and they have to set early deadline to have enough time to review all applications.</p>

<p>I suggest you call Stanford admission to find out. It doesn't hurt to call; otherwise, you could end up rushing into 3 tests the last min which siginificantly puts you in competitve disadvantage for nothing. Though you can always take 3 in Nov (assuming u can switch to 3) just to be safe and retake them in Jan, hoping they may make exception to accept the late (hopefully higher) scores.</p>

<p>You can add more SAT IIs on that day, they'll just bill you later</p>

<p>Thanks for the info Sam and forever21</p>

<p>I registered only for the math IIc, but now i want to change to math I C</p>

<p>and i also want to do physics and writing. Is this still possible?</p>



<p>i don't know. even if someone seem to know the answer here, you should really get it from the official organization that administrates the tests. there's possibility that they may handle cases differently in UK anyway.</p>

<p>did you score better in the 1c practice test than the 2c? i've seen people saying that it's easier to score high in 2c than 1c (assuming you know the 2c materials of course) because, according to them, you could miss a couple and still get 800. i don't know if this is true because i took 2c (along with phys and eng comp) 10 years ago when taking sat ii wasn't (called achievement test back then) the norm nor expected; my teachers didn't know much about them and i was the only one that took 3 in my school; 1c material looked too basic and at that level, my thought was it's more a measure of ability in not making silly mistakes rather than your math ability. my math was pretty strong but i was not always the most careful person. taking a more challenging test favored me better anyway.</p>

<p>hash, photocopy/go to a library and borrow real sat iis. Like Sam Lee said, definitely try both of them. </p>

<p>According to collegeboard rules, you can register for any test, and take any other test (except listening tests) on the day. You can take more than you registered for but for security reasons never take fewer tests than you registered for. If you do take more tests than you registered for, they will bill you later. Specifically, if you registered for the math iic only, just take math I C, physics, and writing on the day.</p>

<p>I doubt, Sam Lee, that the testing policy would be different just because he's in the UK, but yea, it's a good idea to call and find out.</p>

<p>By the way, I'd think 720 on math 2c looks better than 740 on math 1c. If you are applying to school of engineering, u actually will stand out (well not in a good way) if u take math 1c because just about everyone else takes 2c. but if u apply to other schools, it's probably okay.</p>


<p>i saw that there's dec test date for which the registration deadline is this coming friday on some website (not sure if it's reliable). maybe it's another option for you.</p>