***HELP*** NYU Campus decisions- I messed up

Upon receiving NYU decisions today, I was surprised that the only decision that showed up was the one for the Shanghai campus but nothing from the NYC campus. Is it true that if you applied to all 3 campuses, they consider which one is best for you? I was under the impression that decisions were separate for all 3 campuses so I applied to all 3 just for the sake of it. But I didn’t genuinely want to go to Shanghai, I wanted to go to NYC. Given my rank in the top 5% of my class, there is no reason I am not AT LEAST wait listed from NYU Stern. I am so miserable and frustrated right now, someone please clarify why I am not receiving a decision from the NY campus. Did I make a mistake by applying to all 3 campuses? Thanks in advance.

I’m receiving the same message (only an acceptance letter from Shanghai), and I had the same thought process while applying to multiple campuses as you- I know it’s possible to be accepted into multiple NYU campuses, but I’m not sure if this means we were only accepted to Shanghai. I’m going to wait it out? I feel like we should?? at some point receive a message from NYU and NYUAD about our statuses at those respective locations…

What college in NYU did you apply to? Do you think your stats would qualify you for at least a wait list? I am glad you replied, I am so confused and frustrated right now. I really wanted an answer from the NY campus because literally nothing is going right for me in terms of college results @sprout1004

I applied to Stern as well! I think I could definitely have qualified for the wait list, so we’ll just have to wait and see. I’m sorry things haven’t been going right for you with college results; if it makes you feel any better I was just rejected from three Ivies? Hang in there, though! I wish you luck for the rest of your schools :slight_smile: @lenasharb

Let me know if you notice anything different @sprout1004 Best of luck to you too

@sprout1004 Well I talked to someone else on the NYU RD thread and it seems that if you were offered admissions to Shanghai, you were not offered admission to the NY campus. I don’t know if it means we were rejected from Stern first then considered for Shanghai or if they just looked at which campus we would best “fit” in. The other person I talked to also had high stats that would more than qualify them for Stern but also indicated an interest in more than one campus. It seems as if my race and the fact that I took Chinese in high school prompted admissions to push me in the Shanghai pile. Really frustrating and disappointing, but best of luck to you and hope we have better options.

@lenasharb Hi, I have spoken to the Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions at NYUSH about this exact topic. To quote him,“You were given full consideration to your first choice campus…” I believe they use “fit in” as a nicer way of saying that you didn’t make it into the NYC campus. People who don’t make it into their number one choice are then deferred to the admissions officers of the other campuses (Abu Dhabi and Shanghai). You don’t get any less consideration to the NYC campus if you indicated that you would also like consideration for the other two. Hopefully, this helped.

@lenasharb @sprout1004 How much FA did they give you at NYUSH, if i may ask?

@lenasharb Stern is 30% Asian (largest group in Stern), and a large part of those people are Chinese and speak Mandarin; it’s definitely not the race or the language that you speak that made them not accept you. Additionally, at an 11% overall acceptance rate, which would mean single digit RD (last year according to PQU,) there isn’t a stat that would make you “more than qualified” for Stern. Last year, they had around 12,000 applicants and the school in total only has around 600-650 spots in the freshman class. From what I understand, NYU considers you for your top choice, and then if you are not accepted to it, they then consider you for your second and third choices. In this case, this probably means you were not accepted at NYC and they then put you for consideration at NYUSH and NYUAD.