Help On Gateway/SAO Application

Hi, so I’m completing Part 1 of the Candidate Profile on Gateway, and I want to make sure it’s as good as possible before submission. My main questions was does not putting things in the additional info/multimedia links section hurt my chances? I literally have no videos or portfolios, and I don’t want to mess up by not putting stuff their. But also I don’t really have anything to put their… Also I want to put my gifted papers on my app. Do I put those in Part 1 or do I just mention that I’m gifted in the additional info section?

If you don’t have anything to put there that answers your question. Trying to force things into a video section when it doesn’t apply to you is absolutely pointless and you DO NOT need to worry about that at all. There were plenty of sections that we left blank on my daughters app because they didn’t apply to her and it was absolutely fine. Work on the things that do apply to you and make those great!

I don’t know what your gifted papers are, do you mean a neuropysch that shows you are a gifted learner? Maybe someone else can answer that for you.

@dogsmama1997 I am certified gifted by all the counties in which I have attended school, and they gave me papers. Honestly, I have no clue what a neuropsych is, but do I need to do that in addition to my other papers?

No! you do not need a neuropysch.

Maybe someone with a gifted kid can weigh in. I doubt boarding schools care about papers saying you are gifted. Maybe that is something your guidance counselor or principal can talk about in their recommendation for you.

Also, I noticed you haven’t taken the SSAT yet. I would wait to submit “gifted papers” until you get your SSAT scores.

Thank you for the info!