HELP! Score-sending horror!

<p>I'm seriously freaking out right now. I just logged onto my College Board account and found that both my SAT Subject Test scores in May--Literature and US History--were sent to my favorite colleges; I forgot to remove them after registering, which I had meant to do. I got a 720 in US History (pretty good) but a dismal 630 in Lit, which I definitely don't want colleges to see--I was going to retake Lit in October or November. I'm in the class of 2010 (going to enter my senior year in August). What should I do to ensure that colleges don't see the 630? Can I use Score Choice to "override" the 630 score? Somehow "un-send" it? Or somehow, any other way, ensure that colleges don't see it? I'm applying to rather selective colleges (like UC Berkeley and Northwestern), so will they consider the 630 even if I do better in Lit in October/November? Please help!</p>

<p>I think that if you retake it and do better on it the second time, they will look at the second score, not the first.</p>

<p>But won't the really selective colleges see both the older and newer ones and consider the older?</p>

<p>And does Score Choice apply to scores that have already been sent...? I'm really confused and freaked out right now.</p>

<p>Anyone else? Please?</p>

<p>Score choice gives you the option not to send all of your scores, but if you have already sent them........</p>

<p>That's what I was worried about...if I can't "unsend" them and retake Lit again in October/November, will my new score (assuming it's higher) replace my older score? Or will colleges consider both (which I don't want to happen)?</p>

<p>What if you sent it and won't retake it, since you won't take any more of that subject? </p>

<p>Will you just be stuck with the college seeing the score, or will they only look at it if it's part of your application?</p>

<p>Exactly what I was wondering. I'm hoping only the ones you send with your application count, but I'm not too sure. And I'm definitely retaking Lit.</p>