Help with college list for a kid who wants music and computer science

Of the 10 on the “most segregated” list, only 4 are in the midwest? The other 6 on the east and southern coast. And Chicago the most populated. The data piece that stands out more is the geography of being east of the Mississippi (or directly on; Missouri & Louisiana) The racial divides of the east have a more entrenched history than western regions. And read the third paragraph under the chart:
“A few cities actually get pretty close to this ideal of complete diversity. Oakland, California, is not far from being evenly divided between whites, blacks, Hispanics and Asians; its citywide diversity index is 75 percent. New York’s is 73 percent. And Chicago’s is 70 percent.” … (not the discrepancy I was expecting)

We could interpret “data” points all day long. And the literal segregation of neighborhoods, does not tell the whole story of race issues in the US. This is from 2015. I think events of the past few year, the most recent involving increased violence against Asian Americans, has illustrated our country as a whole has some reckoning to do regarding racial division.

Thanks for sharing your list. Our list is far from done. We have dropped many schools and added new ones. It already looks very different from the list we had at the beginning of this post.