Help with Financial Aid?

<p>*Second...just because ONE school meets your full need as an incoming freshman does NOT mean that another will do so as a transfer student sophomore. *</p>

<p>Very true....and it's really too bad that many transfer students don't get their aid packages until after they've left their previous school. </p>

<p>*Third, you can mention that your parents won't apply for a Plus loan but the school probably won't care. *</p>

<p>True...otherwise all students could say that their parents won't apply for a Plus Loan in order to get more free aid.</p>

<p>Okay, thanks again for all your help. I submitted my fafsa in January and Tech's deadline was in March so hopefully deadlines aren't the problem. I'm going to call but not expecting more than the extra Sub loan money and ACG. Thanks again!</p>

When I talked to them about the ACG, they did say there was a possibility I won't get it just because they process transfers last


<p>I'm not sure what they meant because there is no limit on the amount of ACG funds a school awards. ACG is awarded to all who qualify. Looking at the number of credits you started with though, it's seems likely that you received the second year ACG already at VCU. Do you remember if your ACG award last year was $750 or $1300?</p>

<p>sk8rmom - I'm guessing I misunderstood the Student Assistant at the office when she told me about how being a transfer complicates getting the ACG. At VCU, ACG was $375 the first semester and $750 during the second.</p>

<p>ACG could not have been $750...if you received $650 second semester then you have received 1/2 of your sophomore award of $1300. ACG is determined by class standing so whether you receive the second 1/2 of the Year 2 payment depends on how many credits you have and what standing the gives you under Tech's policies.</p>

<p>"By all means go and talk to the college. BUT don't get your hopes up too high. This school does not guarantee to meet full need. You are a transfer student. This might just be all they have to offer you. "</p>

<p>This is correct. The only public universities that promise to meet the full need of all of their students are UNC and UVA.</p>

<p>All other public universities lack the resources to meet the need of all of their students. Most have a big gap between what students need and what the colleges can offer. The best financial aid offers are made to freshmen because the colleges use the financial aid to lure their strongest applicants. After that, loans become higher and gap between need and financial aid offers increase.</p>

<p>More than likely, this is the best aid that the college can offer. </p>

<p>You will have to work during the school year -- something that many students do. You could promise employers that you will work through breaks, something that students also do particularly when they need money and are living off campus. </p>

<p>When you get to college, also look for campus jobs. There will be non work study jobs available for sharp-eyed students who jump on the opportunities. Let your advisor and professors know you're looking for work, too.</p>

<p>Also plan to work summers. Do you have any earnings from a job this summer?</p>