High school credits

Hey. I have 16 credits from high school through the IB and AP programs. They counted for 16 credit hours when I started college. On my transcript, it counts them as transfer classes: Composition I and II, Beginning French 2, General Psychology, and Statistical Methods. They’re all listed as college courses. However, I just applied to transfer to another college and based on my student portal, they have not taken these into account. I’m under the impression that they should take them because they are listed as college courses. Can anyone help me?

Its up to the college as to whether they accept them or not.

Every college sets its own credit policies for AP/IB courses. Just because one college accepts them does not mean that a transfer college will accept all/most/any of them. You need to speak to the registrar’s office at your new college.

I checked the website and the requirements/classes you get for your scores are exactly the same as the college I go to now. I’m not sure why they wouldn’t accept them in that case? I should also mention that I’ve earned my AA. I have 68 credits total including the 16 from high school. That means my AA includes my credits from IB and AP classes.

They will not accept them just from your first college’s transcript. You will need to have official score reports sent to the new college. After the scores are received, they will be evaluated and recorded according to that institution’s policy. Often transfer credits and credits by exam are not finalized until after a student is on campus so you have plenty of time to sort this out.

If the new college can only accept 60 credits total of the 68 that you have, make sure that they transfer the ones that are the most useful for your degree program, and find out if any of the extra ones can qualify to place you into higher level courses that you want to take.