Holiday shopping for 2021 -- Has anyone started?

My kids actually never had lists, even when they were little. The majority of the gifts came from the many adoring relatives (they were first grandchildren on husband’s side). So usually we only gave them stockings and a shared Santa gift… and the something from mom/dad. Sometimes I solicit ideas but usually have to come up with ideas on my own. It’s all very low key. Nobody expects grand gifts, but we have fun with small things.

I do try to find a 3D puzzle, for Christmas Day family fun. Sometimes they are from garage sales, but I’ve not gone to any during Covid. Any good recommendations?

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We have one kid whose list has been the same for every year…wants “surprises”. :woman_shrugging:t2:


I’m sitting on the fence about holiday shopping… some places are still outside of their return window… looking at you Lululemon. :slight_smile: OTOH, Nordstrom and Costco have some things I’m seriously considering buying now.


One of my DD2’s gifts arrived today. I have been purchasing the Swarovski’s annual crystal Christmas ornaments. She has a special tree for them and she loves them. I also needlepointed miniature unicorn Christmas stockings for my 2 granddaughters.


I was at my local Best Buy this morning and was shocked at how bare the shelves are. They did not have what I was looking for but the item is available online. The employee whom I spoke with was dreading the shortages anticipated this holiday season. His advice: shop NOW!

We’ve ordered a main gift for 2 out of the 3 adult kiddoes. I need #3 to give some some info!


I’ve never had anything but real Christmas trees so I may not understand. But isn’t the point of an artificial tree to use it from year to year? That said, when they were talking about shortage of artificial trees on the news the other day, my husband, a devoted thrift store shopper, noted that thrift stores always have a huge supply of artificial trees. And ornaments too.


Eventually they may wear out with broken branches, or people may want fresher (less dusty) ones. But my parents have had theirs - purchased at Woolworth’s - for over 50 years. We still use the one we first got over 25 years ago, but it is now in our bedroom. Our current house has 10.5 foot ceilings, so we got a 9’ one for downstairs that is 15 years old now. And then we also bought a cheap 6’ one for the porch and younger S has a 3’ foot that goes in his window. On top of the radiator cover, from outside, it looks like a big tree.

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We have donated a few artificial trees- one in anticipation of a downsizing move and one that was not pre lit (bough the last year before pre lit trees came out) when we upgraded.

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After about 25 years, we replaced our artificial tree with a newer pre-lit model. Of course I still have the old tree and lights too. The tree is stashed in a wonderfully useful bag at the back of the crawl space. Originally I had hopes to give to the local kid, but not sure she will ever buy a house. In the bag-a-week mindset, may this is the year to post it on BuyNothing FB page.

There will be a shortage of live cut trees due to many farms on the West Coast suffering heat wave damage. That might push those who were on the fence about artificial trees to finally get one.

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I guess we better make sure to get our real tree early. Thanks for the heads up.

I’m looking for a three foot tree for a charity fundraising tree festival. I’m doing this for a charity thrift shop. Usually we get a number of trees this size (I don’t need prelit). This year…none yet.

I looked on the Big Lots site and the prices for even the small trees have increased a LOT.