Honors College Appications Question

<p>I had a question regarding the recommendation portion of the Honors College application. As is typical with my son, he has waited until the last day to complete the process. This is fine for him but not so fine with those who he requested to do his recommendation. He filled out the information for his counselor and 2 teachers to do his recommendation about 2 weeks ago. The problem is, however, he did not follow up. Today, he noticed that only 1 teacher has filled out the recommendation. According to the USC web site, all of this information must be received today. There is no problem in getting his piece in on time. It is uncertain as to whether or not the 2 remaining recommendations will be submitted on time. Does anybody know if USC will cut any slack on this or should I just save my $50 and not bother with submitting the application. </p>

<p>For what it is worth, here are his stats:</p>

<p>State or Residence: North Carolina
GPA: 3.67 u, 4.75 w
ACT: 34
APs: Chemistry (5), US History (4), Calculus BC, Physics, Biology
EC: track, cross country (4 letters), guitar band, NHS, Strategy Club (VP), Biology Club (VP), Chess Club, Coffee House Club, Altar Server, Fundraiser for Wounded Warrior charity, Cashier at Harris Teeter Grocery store</p>

<p>Bottom line: he's a good candidate but his procrastination and lack of follow-up may have torpedoed his chances.</p>

<p>We just got an email from them (my son was going to apply to Mcnair, decided he could't spend 4 years being called a gamecock -ha!) they told us because the deadline was Sunday, they were extending the recommendations to 11/19.
You may want to see if teacher can submit by monday. Email the school too just to be sure.</p>

<p>I was actually having problems with my letters of rec as well. My school submits recommendations through naviance, and I had already submitted everything to USC, but the application still requires that I request two recommendations via email. Anyone else have a similar dilemna? </p>

<p>I don't want to make my recommenders fill out another form when I already sent their original letters.</p>