Household Size Verification

My household size changed from 1 to 2 this year. Uni of Alab requested verification of HH size. The doc they told me to fill out asks to list names of dependents. No SSNs, taxes returns, etc. Literally a single page document.
Does anyone know if there is generally another verification step after this? I want to make sure we have all our information ready to submit.

Thank you.

The only one who can answer this question is your college. Send the school what they have asked for ASAP…immediately. The college will review what you have sent and if they have additional questions, they will ask.

You can call the school, and ask them if additional info should be sent now.

People don’t need SSN or tax returns to be in a household. A younger sibling may not have a tax return, or an undocumented person may not have a SSN but is still part of the household.

The document is all you should need. Your signature is your affirmation that you are being truthful. If they have any reason to doubt what you submit, they will request additional information.

Thanks. They sent the email about it and the end of the day Friday right before their office closed. Annoying. So I wasn’t given a chance to call and ask questions.
But I did submit. I’ll just wait now.

Thanks for the responses. I appreciate you all.

An offshoot to this question, how do they verify home equity? I know the CSS Profile for some schools considers home equity. But how do they know what your loan balance and home value are? Not sure if loan balance is in tax return (itemized supplements) but no way for them to know your particular home value without an appraisal (which isn’t part of the process).

This is serious as some of these schools require you to use a lot of that HE prior to providing aid.

The verification process for home equity is your response and signature, typically.

Update: Hello.
They updated my financial aid status today and awarded me $6,000 in Pell Grant for the year. Didn’t ask for anything further. I’m so happy right now because I was set to pay the full amount out of pocket. These is such a weight off my shoulders.