<p>My D lived on campus sophomore year and she was glad she did. She lived in The Village and thinks that is the best location. Many of her friends chose to do the same. I was very glad she was on campus with the snowy and icy weather they had this winter - and she was too.</p>

<p>My S signed the two year housing contract because we preferred him living on campus for his first two years. However, he received a very low lottery number for choosing housing for his sophomore year and has to live in Rockingham which is an old Howard Johnson motel that the university converted into a dorm. It is just off campus right next to I-81. I just returned from Harrisonburg where I checked out these accomodations and I am very disappointed that he has to live here. It is basically behind a gas station with all the noise of the highway right next to it. I am concerned about his safety and don't feel it was worth it to commit to the two year contract when he isn't really living on campus with all the ammenities of the university close by. Really disappointed...</p>

<p>One of D's friends was in Rockingham and she didn't like it so she requested a room change for second semester and got a room on the quad. A couple of other kids she knows stayed and she says they ended up liking it. The rooms are quite a bit larger, each has a private bath and AC so that will help with noise. They can also have microwave ovens - other dorms prohibit them in the rooms. I think there are parking slots right outside the rooms so that would help with safety. I haven't heard of any issues with safety there though. I think a lot depends on the other kids who will be there and how close they become.</p>