How does Northeastern treat merit aid combined with financial aid

<p>How does Northeastern treat merit aid combined with financial aid? For anyone who received both a partial merit aid (not full tuition) and financial aid from Northeastern, how do they combine it? Does the merit amount get removed directly from financial aid grants? Or with a merit scholarship, does Northeastern suddenly become very reasonable. DS has a strong shot at partial merit aid (above the 75%ile on all test scores), but almost no shot at a full ride (no NMF and no shot at NU scholar).</p>

<p>The largest merit aid is $20,000 Deans Scholarship and considering tuition, room, and board is over $55,000 - you would still have $35,000 to cover with financial aid etc. (not very reasonable in my opinion - still rather high). Also, full tuition covers about $40,000 - leaving families to still cover the $15,000 in fees, room, board, etc.</p>

<p>That isn't really what I was asking. I was trying to understand if the Net Price Calculator expects us to pay $35k, and my kid gets a $20k Deans Scholarship, should I expect to pay $35k still, $15k ($35k - $20k scholarship = $15k) or somewhere in between?</p>

<p>Any Northeastern folks have any experience with Merit and financial aid combined and how the university treated it?</p>

<p>My main experience was this: I have a full tuition scholarship, but I was also offered work study. However, once a few smaller scholarships came through (totaling about $2,000), the work study went away.
I think in general it ends up being somewhere in between, but more toward the end of having to pay more.</p>

<p>There has to be someone out there who got both merit and financial aid from NEU, or do they only give merit aid to non-financial aid kids?</p>

<p>My D received a Dean's scholarship for merit and a loan for financial aid.</p>

<p>I know what you're asking, but unfortunately don't have the answer. Most colleges take merit aid into the equation when students apply for need-based aid. So, if say you were to qualify for 20k in need-based aid, but you get 15 k in merit aid, you would only get 5K for need-based aid....because you don't "need" more than 20k. (Sure).</p>

<p>Call the financial aid office and ask. It's a straight-forward question they should be able to answer.</p>

<p>My D's initial offer included some merit-aid and need-based aid. The need-based aid was a combo of university grants, loans and work study. When her merit aid increased our "need decreased" so university grant and work study was no longer offered. In our situation what we would actually have to pay was adjusted below our EFC so that is why only the loan remained. I don't have the original offer so don't remember the exact numbers and each family will be different. </p>

<p>I don't think Northeastern meets full need either. We do know a student who had so much financial need that the university still gave the university grant, work study and pell grant. </p>

<p>Double check with financial aid but I think if you bring in outside scholarships this will not decrease your need-based aid.</p>

<p>Like TexasCollegeMom, my S also recd merit aid, grant, loan and work study, and I would agree that the merit aid amt is considered when looking at need (and they do not meet full need). In my S's case, he had a difficult time adjusting to college his first yr (we clearly underestimated how much his Aspergers would effect college performance, as well as, it turned out, undiagnosed ADD) and he lost his merit scholarship due to drop in GPA, however the school increased his grant by almost the same amt.</p>