How to gently remind teachers of recommendation letters

And that’s another way to do the reminder – “xyz school has said that if you are having trouble meeting their (date) deadline for submission of the recommendation through their website, you can send it directly to xyz@school.”


My fear is having the principal email the rec letter and cc all the schools to which my child is applying instead of sending separately. Obviously, we are not coming from a private/boarding school feeder. The public school system makes it almost impossible to get out!


I can relate, @maybeboardingmom . We struggled with many variations on this theme!

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Still have 2 unsent recs. Both have said they would last week when reminded though so im happy for that


I’m somewhat in the same boat too. All of my recs sent in their recommendations, but I had just realized last week that St. Mark’s School actually requires a foreign language teacher rec?!! So I technically still have one rec that hasn’t even started yet… and apps are due in a week :cold_sweat:

I’m still waiting on a rec although the teacher said she would do it many times she still hasn’t but she’s really busy so I think she’ll get it done. On the other hand, I don’t think my Latin teacher could write me a rec, and that’s my really really strong area so I think that will come off badly, but there’s nothing you can do about it.

There isn’t much you can do, but the school I reached out to said the application would not be considered complete if the required recommendation does not arrive. My son had been the one communicating with the teacher, but at that point I reached out with an email to the teacher and explained the urgency. I also gave the gateway form to him in an email and the admissions person to email it to because he indicated he was having trouble with gateway. It will show as incomplete on gateway but the school’s own checklist shows it as complete. Good luck to everyone waiting for recs!


We had one teacher who was tardy on submitting the recommendation and an admin person tardy on submitting the official transcript. Here is what I did….I walked into the classroom (during drop off period) and gave the teacher a $25 gift card to Dunkin. I said something like “ I know how busy you are and want to make your day brighter. Thank you so much for writing Kiddo’s recommendation this week - the deadline is Friday (even though it was really the following Monday) and I know my Kiddo is very appreciative”. I said something similar to the admin person. I also provided a copy of the transcript we had from our online platform directly to the schools….they all accepted it and said “no worries” until the official one came from the school. It was just a good faith gesture to indicate that A) my kid had a strong GPA and no problems, and B) It wasn’t our fault - we were pushing the school and trying in good faith to get everything in.


How much would it harm me if the teacher who’s the sponsor of the club I’m most active in and teaches the subject im the best in doesn’t write a recommendation? I have all my required ones and I was going to get him to write me the special interest but it doesn’t look like its going to happen.

Money always helps :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: