Howard University Karsh STEM Scholars Program (KSSP)

Sorry guys … I was referring to ba md program …. Sorry for the confusion

Anything ??

Not yet I believe but it might still drop before midnight. If not, then it may be much later on another day

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Howard BSMD interview invitation is out

I didn’t get it :cry:

All will be well with you at the end. The interview email demands that all who are invited should accept in 7 days. It’s possible some will decline and they will offer more spots for interview. The interview is not until April 8.
Do you have another acceptance already?

Unfortunately not

That’s tough but please don’t lose heart. Do you mind sharing your SAT/ACTscore and unweighted GPA?

My UW: 4.0 W : 4.63: ACT :35
Shadowing, student council president, varsity tennis and captain. Lot of volunteering … I don’t know what I did wrong :cry::cry:


You surely did not do anything wrong and your academic stats are sterling. The BSMD process is sometimes skewed and razor thin competitive and does not impact on your intelligence.I will suggest you try applying to Seton Hall BSMD (though their deadline is March 1 but you never know). Can you please get on it today and let provide me a feedback. Their decision just came out a few days ago and I know a few students who got in have other options and will likely decline.


I applied …Thanks a lot . Application was still open … I am surprised


Don’t worry too much. I believe the opportunity for you to reach your desired goal of matriculating through Howard’s BS/MD program is still within reach for you.

It’s my understanding that half of the selected students are provided access to the program prior to First Semester Freshman year and the other half at the end of the first year.

Just get on the yard and work hard. . . you’ll make it!


Great. I’ll keep you in my prayers for a positive outcome. One good thing about the program is that you can still apply to other medical schools and not be penalized. #rooting4U


Thank you so much … I honestly think you are such a good man … you don’t even know me and you are helping me

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My daughter got an email last night with acceptance into the Karsh program. We are thankful and grateful for this opportunity. During selection weekend she was in awe of the level of achievement of her fellow finalists. Thank you to everyone particularly @ChangeTheGame for the help in getting us to this stage. Wishing everyone good news.


Congratulations! The likes of Dr. Fauci in the making! Great job!

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My son got in as well and we are all so grateful and excited! @ChangeTheGame thank you for guiding us all through this challenging process.




Let me just say that this forum is truly a God send. My daughter was actually out of town the entire weekend on a pre-planned school visit to Xavier (Paid for by the school BTW). And was so caught up in all of the weekend’s activities that she never grabbed her phone to check her emails.

Needless to say after reading the forum this morning I asked her to check her email. . .

HU Bound!


I just wanted to say congratulations to your daughter, @Al_Hutchins and to all of the other parents who have had children invited to join the 6th cohort of Karsh STEM Scholars. I have seen that students selected for this program have many great options for undergrad, so whether your students chose Howard (I hope so) or another institution, I know that all of your kids are going to do great things. Congratulations again and “buckle up” because the fun is about to begin.