HS senior denied by every instate school. What do I do next?

I was going to say the same thing. Get some roommates close to a CC and a 4 yr school. Texas A&M comes to mind. They have great apartments across the street from Tamu campus and a lot of kids go to Blinn CC 5 miles away then transfer. They go to all the tamu sport events, hang on campus, eat with tamu kids at tamu eateries on campus. They have the full tamu experience, well as close to it as possible except fraternities for a hell of a lot cheaper. They have quad apartment building for $600 a month, but that’s Texas. Good luck

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What are you talking about? I am sorry, but you don’t have a choice to say whether the school is low rank or not. It’s your life. If you really want to study CS, you should be more flexible. You should not say that a lot of low rank schools do not offer CS anyway. If you really want to study CS, you simply look for a school, even it’s low ranking, that has the CS degree. To be frank, even if you get accepted to UC, it is not cheap. If you are complaining about CC with housing is expensive, UC will be more expensive.
Good luck!


I was judging rank based off of Multiple websites, statistics and location for CS. I am trying to be flexible but also trying to find the best possible path I can take for CS. I was simply trying to say that I want the best school I can find for the best price, location etc. Obviously I could just go to whatever CC i want for CS, but some CC’s or 4 year schools credits don’t transfer over to UC’s. That is what I was trying to state.

Oh wait. I though CC offers free tuition.

Rank is important, because it’s what other people see too. If you have the choice between UCLA and Harvard and money doesn’t matter, you’re probably going to want to pick Harvard just for the crazy name-brand recognition and ranking alone, I get it.

Here’s the thing though, you are not at the point to be picky about rank. When you have multiple acceptances and a strong profile, then you can be selective about rank and prestige. but at this point, you should do the best path for you.

If that best path is at a rolling admissions, high admit-rate school, then so be it. But if you can hunker down for a year or two and kill it at CC, then transfer to a high-rank school, then do that.

Also, the issue with CC/JC credits not transferring is overblown. This is very easily solved by spending 10 minutes on the assist website to see what courses are outlined for your major, and checking in your CC/JC catalog if the course is listed as UC/CSU transferrable or not.


Some aspects are free, but it doesn’t waive any fee’s. So I will still be spending thousands on CC.

Yea I guess you are right about that. I’m not exactly at high ranking options right now…

Just go to CC dude. Don’t worry about your parents; it’s their job to take care of you. They won’t feel bad about spending a couple more years here to help their kid build the foundation for the rest of their life. It’s okay. Just go to CC, kill it, and get into a killer school after.

I literally left HS with a 2.8UW, 3.2W, and had to beg some teachers my last trimester to let me get a D because I wouldn’t graduate if not. My entire transcript is a ton of Fs and Ds. Hell, My first year of college is something like 5Ws, 2Fs, and 3Ds. I’m pretty sure my whole CC transcript actually has like 8Ws on it. So I know what it’s like to lose to depression for awhile.

Guess what though? I joined the military. I started killing it in school. I became a man. I came back. Now I’m 6 for 6 on acceptances from CC and got into Cal Poly SLO’s business program(that has a 15% admit rate).

There is always a comeback, and CC is a great option if you plan it well.


Thanks for the advice man. Glad to see someone else who has had depression succeed.

Much appreciated


You got it man. Just take it a day at a time. No excuses. No BS. No putting stuff off. You’ll make it.


Hopefully I do :sweat_smile:

Consider the University of New Mexico. Affordable & probably still accepting applications.


Where do your parents want to move? Maybe consider schools in that state?


I attended CC in California for four years before I finally decided to grow up and get a degree. I woke up after I got put in academic probation…at CC. I then transferred to CSULB and made Dean’s List. I finally graduated six years after I started college. It can be done, and lots of people do it. My current job is directly related to my degree and I have a good life doing work I enjoy.

I think your parents will be fine staying in CA for another couple of years. I am a parent. I would NEVER want my kid to forego college or take on $50k in debt right at the start (which you will never be able to do anyway. You will never get loans for all that money.) Why don’t you just tell them what you’ve told us? It’s sweet that you want your parents to be able to move, but trust me, they care more about your needs. Your parents can live another couple years without being in their dream state.


New Mexico Institute of Mines and Technology has a good reputation for CS and they participate WUE. Almost equal to UC tuition. Rolling admission. Housing is cheap. My son also considered this school in the early stage of college list making. We removed it from the list because we thought we can always add this school if he gets rejected from all schools and still has a chance to get in because of the rolling admissions. 80% acceptance rate and A grade school.


I would look at moving to Oregon and attending part time. You could work and take classes. At some point, you would be able to attend as an in-state.

What is your budget? What state do your parents want to move to? It might be possible to do something based on their move as well.

It’s possible to work and split rent with other young people and attend school part-time. It might take longer but lots of kids used to do this.

Are there any options where you can attend a CC in CA with guaranteed acceptance after 2 years? You could likely do this as well. With your grades, you could likely also manage to hold a job and earn some money, maybe even pay rent so that your parents can move on. I’d have a long talk with your parents and talk about budget and options.

On-line is also an option as well. Costs tend to be less. Though I don’t know how transfers would work.

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Maybe I missed it in the thread but I don’t see any thing about what your parents can afford to pay for school. What is your budget?


Cc is an option, especially one with TAG for CS.
Regardless of where you graduate from, as long as you have a 3.0 and internships, there’ll be a job for you.

UNM, NMTech might be options.

In early May there’ll be a list of colleges that miscalculated yield. You can always send a couple apps, see if you have an affordable offer. If not, CC will still be there.


Just an FYI. CC TAG for CS is only available for UC Merced, Riverside, Santa Cruz and Davis. Irvine recently removed that major from their TAG list and Santa Barbara also removed it including all the Engineering from the TAG majors. If CS continues to grow in popularity, it could be removed also from some of the other participating UC’s.


Although my DS got into his top choices, he not only had a plan B but also a plan C. Plan C was to go to a CC where he would take all his basic courses to get them out of the way, then transfer to either our main state school or a private school with the intention of finishing in 3 years. I agree with all of the good advice you’ve gotten especially that NOBODY cares where you started, they only care where (and how) you finish. I believe you have the right idea in seeking out advice. Well done and Good Luck!