<p>zpm, I'm shedding hair all over my laptop as I read your post. You are very, very fortunate that whatever happened to you was episodic. Most every doc will have a patient wait 6 months and retest and perhaps wait 6 months and retest just to ensure that the hypo is not just a hormonal glitch that ends up self correcting. Most every legitimate doc does not write the script based on one visit and one blood test. Unfortunately for many diet is not going to "fix" Hashimoto's if that is the underlying cause. </p>

<p>Zooser, you are correct during pregnancy if you are on Synthroid you need to be monitored closely. I was very fortunate during my three and didn't need any dose adjustments, in fact, I felt wonderful. I did have abit of trouble gaining weight which was interesting since non-pregnant I had to be so critical of my eating. Being pregnant was a fabulous "release" for me as I was like one of those high metabolism gals and could eat anything and everything for 8 months! I also have huge issues right now as I pass into menopause...my dose has been up and down for the last couple years. Clearly I'm in "trouble" now...ooops there's another hair in between the g and the h!</p>

<p>T4 and T3 levels should both be checked. Sometimes the thyroid is working too hard to keep the numbers up. I didn't feel good until both levels were medicated (synthroid and cytomel.)</p>

<p>fishymom: does your d have any problems with her period? Pain, excess flow, or no period at all? If yes, definitely look into PCOS as well as the hyporthyroidism.</p>