I got rejected from everywhere except my 3 safeties, need advice

Yes, I’ve tried to impress this upon OP. :wink:
If he tries to take a gap year or transfer, he should build an entirely new list.
Fortunately, GWU and Rutgers are not bad “safeties”.

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My D is in a similar position. It has been a very different experience from her brothers, who had similar scores and extracurriculars. My advice to her and to you is to “Bloom where you are planted.” Make the most of your experience, commit to academic excellence and be an active member of the campus community, and you just might find you are where you are for a good reason. Best of luck on being extended admission off the waitlists, and in wherever you choose to attend. It sounds like you will be an asset to any college campus!


How did the visits go? Were students at GWU?

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I just read that accepted students at Rutgers can get some passes to access buildings on their portals.

@daacquan2 :slight_smile: so, how did the visits go? Which university did you like best? How did your dad react?

Visit was alright, I mostly just wanted to see it in person.
Also, I just committed to GWU!

Thanks for all the advice guys, I appreciate every bit of insight. My plan from here is to kill it at GWU and try and get into Princeton, UPenn or Columbia as a transfer as they are closest to home but if it doesn’t work out I’ll be happy at George Washington. It seems I misread my dad’s intentions, he never felt GWU wasn’t worth the cost he just felt that during a pandemic, if things go wrong, he didn’t want to be stuck paying 70k for virtual learning. He’s actually the one who pushed the hardest for me to choose GW over Rutgers in the end.

I’ll be going into GWU with the intention to transfer but thats only going to push me harder both socially, academically and when trying to land an internship. I’ll also be trying to get into the Honors Program 2nd Year at GWU. I’ve been active on the GWU groupme’s for the last month and have made a lot of new friends already so im exicited to be going there!

I’ll update with how my transfer apps go in a year. Peace :v: :grin:



Excellent!! Congratulations !
I hope you do very well at GWU. :+1:
Do return to update us. In the meantime, enjoy DC!

Note that Princeton doesn’t admit traditional transfers - it’s only admitted transfers for a couple years and they’re returning adults for the most part (veterans, in particular).
Columbia has its own division (school) for transfers.
But hopefully in a year you’ll wonder why you ever wanted to transfer. :wink:


Congratulations on your choice. I bet after being at GWU for a while you will decide to stay and excel there. You can always apply to the Ivys for law school if you decide to go that route.


Congrats! All the best at GWU!

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