I heard decisions are going out by...

<p>can anybody confirm this?</p>

<p>seriously. Confirm?</p>

<p>maybe it is a load of bull <em>, but I promise that I'm not just pullin it out of my *</em>. That IS what I heard earlier today and yesterday.
It is very possible.... If not we'll just check again tomorrow.</p>

<p>^ I guess the only way we can (confirm, that is) is by checking in oh...ten minutes or so (at least by my computer's clock).</p>

<p>eight minutes and counting..tick tock tick tock</p>

<p>Let's do it! 5ish minutes!</p>

<p>I can't access the applyyourself website because I used the paper app...AHH! okay, it's definitely time! The website does NOT work for me. When will I get an email? anything?</p>

<p>Click create an account and create one. Four minutes left!</p>

<p>sounds dodgy! but whatever...we'll know in a mintue from now</p>


<p>oh wait, i have a question. What is the "messages" section?? 10:45 lets hit it</p>

<p>EDIT: yeah I logged in. I see the messages center. I don't see a message. lol. Then again, it's only 10:40 on CC...but 10:48 on my comp</p>

<p>No, i have a PIN and pword but the site says my Form 2 is not submitted. I definitely did though (confirmed and everything). I used paper app... but I still want to check!! gah!</p>

<p>So are the decisions out or not??!!!</p>

<p>nothing? .</p>

<p>i'm not seeing a decision... what about the rest of you?</p>

<p>um no...not yet</p>

<p>nothing yet</p>

<p>we got duped!</p>


<p>i'm not seeing one either...</p>

<p>dont worry goldfish - it's 8:47 and there isnt any decision on the applyweb site...</p>

<p>haha 8:45 what kind of random time is that. Someone is taking advantage of eager ppl just waiting at their comps (like me :) )</p>