I messed up Junior year, are my chances of getting into a good college gone?

Yeah, I did take some summer college classes and my high school put it on my transcript but apparently it’s not calculated into my GPA/counts for credits? I have no clue how it works but the classes I took were UC/CSU credits eligible but I guess my high school doesn’t accept those as credits.

I’ll look into Cal Maritime and check. Studying abroad is also something I’m interested in though financial costs and expenses could be a huge hurdle. I would assume my family would pay around ~$10-15k USD? That’s more or less a rough estimate because I don’t really talk with my family a lot because my relations aren’t too great with them, but they did mention they would pay a certain amount for my college tuition. As for going out-of-state, I’m not too sure where I would exactly go. I would want to go to a urban and diverse school, one of the schools that came into mind was NYU but the tuition is crazy expensive from what I know, so I can’t really think of other good ones.

Thank you and yeah I realize that as well. I know this year has been hard for a lot of people, not just me, and I just hope college admissions will be more understanding of what happened. I know a lot of high-academic achieving kids like me just went rock bottom this pandemic and went from a 4.0 to failing classes, because mentally we’re just suffering from exhaustion among other things and just distance learning never working out.

Definitely look into WUE/WICHE schools. UNM, for example, offers good aid and is pretty easy to get into.

Damn, glad to hear you’re doing well now, I guess I’m kind of in the same boat as you were in, in high school. Yeah, I know this isn’t necessarily the end of the world that I did bad in high school. I think just re-adjusting my priorities and doing what I can as of right now is more realistic than trying to go all-out and go to a prestigious college or something. I just hope that I’m right and that this one year of high school won’t mess up my entire future. Definitely not the future I had envisioned a year ago before distance learning and the pandemic was a thing, but that’s just life I guess.

My son is a rising junior in college. He had virtually straight As all through high school and his first semester of college. Then Covid hit in the spring of his freshman year and he had to come home. Still did OK academically, but not all As. Fall of sophomore year done online - another slight decline in grades. Spring of sophomore year (the semester that just ended) - hit a wall with having spent more than a year of online learning and actually earned a D and a couple of low Cs. He was just DONE with sitting in front of a computer. He will lose a scholarship because of his awful spring semester. Grade slide is happening to lots of students; you are not alone.

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If the summer classes were taken the summer prior to 10th grade or later, UC/CSU transferable or a-g course requirements, then the grades would be included in your UC/CSU GPA calculation even if the HS does not include them on your transcript.


Have you looked into the military? Great career outlooks and you won’t have to worry about student loans, and you’ll gain valuable experience that will help you succeed for the rest of your life.

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I agree with @IvyHopefulMom2025, a lot of reach schools value military experience and would likely accept an applicant they would have otherwise rejected. It’s not a path for everyone but it doesn’t hurt to consider the possibility (as it would allow you to also get away from home).

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