I need a new counselor

<p>I hate my counselor. I applied for an internship at the cleveland clinic and I got rejected because my counselor forgot to send in my transcript with the rest of my stuff. I contacted the people the the CC and they said, oh well.</p>

<p>I'm so mad. Any ideas on what to do with my summer now? I canceled like, everything, in order to do this internship.</p>

<li>It is not your counselors fault. You should have called to see if they received everything. </li>
<li>Never cancel anything because of an internship. It is better to set up backups and then, cancel it once you have an internships. Internships are never a guarantee. People on this board have applied up to 50 different locations and have received nothing. </li>
<li>Use your brain, FIND AN INTERNSHIP. Or get involved in a school program or do study abroad.</li>

<p>I disagree, I'd sue counselor or something, atleast get them fired, thats a HUGE mistake they made.</p>

<p>That may be a huge mistake, but an individual has a responsibility to make sure that his or her information is complete for an internship. I checked every internship that required outside information such as a transcript or recommendations.</p>

<li><p>Did it, said they "couldn't disclose that information until they reviewed all applications." Also asked my counselor, said everything was in there.</p></li>
<li><p>Couldn't apply to more than one, no way of canceling without a multitude of fees. </p></li>
<li><p>Too late to find any decent internships. As for school programs, do you mean university ones? If so, most of them are either filled up or cost out the butt. Finances are an issue.</p></li>

<p>As for suing the counselor, I don't think there'd be that much evidence. She's claiming I didn't ask her to send in the transcript. Even though she told me it was in the envelope and I paid for the transcript to be released, it would still be her word against mine.</p>