I need help tonight.

<p>Oh, and if it's not even freshman year how do you already know your rank? Are you seriously talking about junior high here?</p>

<p>Freshman year? Wow. Well, anyway, make sure these classes interest you. I might find it a little boring to take to CS classes, but if you don't mind, go for it! Good luck!</p>


Actually, if you know you're a nerd, you're a geek. Don't worry about it. I had a 3.967 after my freshman year and I hated the two girls who got 4.0's. Take it from someone who's been there: IT AIN'T WORTH IT! Oh, Katie, where are you now? She was a volleyball player; her favorite phrase was "Pretty in pink, wicked in a uniform." Yeah, but she was pretty wicked in that pink uniform...</p>

<p>Sorry. Where was I? Oh yeah. As The Beatles said, "Let It Be."</p>

<p>hahahaha omg. your a freshman?
um... i'd say have fun?</p>

<p>orrr if learning is fun for you.. learn.</p>

<p>If you really enjoy learning, you might not want to take two CS courses and instead take a different class, if you can....</p>

<p>They claimed they couldn't sign me up for online classes until today, and then they didn't realize that they forgot to sign me up for my AP courses until about 2:30 today.
So I was only able to get on the waiting list for AP Art History. -_- And signed up for my Algebra II honors class.</p>

<p>Did you get into both CS classes, or just one?</p>

<p>They didn't try to sign me up until both the classes and their wait-lists for full.
Which means I didn't get into either. -_-</p>

<p>lol i went to ncss&m and then mit and you don't need insane stellar gpa's or first rank to succeed. if you take that route you'll end up among the scores of losers at s&m who were ranked first but then didn't go on to do awesome stuff.</p>

<p>besides why would you take AP CS A + AB? just take 1 or the other.</p>

<p>beat him.</p>

<p>lol seriously though...it doesn't matter.</p>

<p>The person I was talking about will be taking two standard classes now, and probably won't get into the AP class he wanted to take. (He's still on the waitlist for AP CS A)
I'll start AP art history pretty soon.</p>