Ideas for 20th Year Anniversary

I look forward to reading about your trip planning!

Mustards Grill is our family favorite. It’s a wine country truck stop style restaurant and we’ve never had anything but exceptional food there.


See if Jet Blue reinstates their mint service from JFK to Grenada. Stay in Calabash, Spice Island, Silver Sands, or for something completely unique- La Luna. Grenada is a beautiful island with lots to see or do. It is not a built up tourist destination.


@ArdenNJ ,
What would YOU like? I appreciate that you want to show your wife a good time but you’re a couple let’s start with some common likes of the two of you.

(Call me a feminist but I was a little bothered by “the wife”, “she likes her wine” and you want her to have a good time. This is a trip for two!”)

I thought they had already decided on Napa?


The thread just showed up for the first the for me! Thought it was brand new today!

Even if I refresh the entire Parent Cafe page sometimes I don’t see all the threads!

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You might want to tour one of the wineries that has a wine cave when you are in Napa. We visited wine caves one day at Del Dotto Winery and Stag’s Leap; both have interesting wine caves and each is a little different. We also liked a place called the Vinter’s Collective (in Napa)–it’s a tasting room for a number of small wineries. Last suggestion, we had two great (all time best) meals at The French Laundry and Morimoto Napa. In fact, the night we were having dinner at Morimoto, our waitress told us that Thomas Keller (chef/owner of the French Laundry) was in the restaurant and seated at a nearby table along with some of his staff.

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We did a week in Costa Rica for our 20th, renting an SUV in San Jose and driving around the country for what must have been ~7 days. White water rafting, canyoneering (rappelling down waterfalls), zip lining when it was a new thing, etc. Other than a very distant relative who owned a hotel in Monteverde, we knew no one, didn’t speak Spanish, and GPS didn’t exist, but still had a great time.

I also always add Alaska as a recommendation - we’ve been twice and would go back, and it’s close enough for a shorter trip, especially if you’re in the West.

Both are recommendations for “get out in nature and do something” trips, not museums/shopping/resort/beach trips.

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The OP is in NJ…not the west. Alaska would be a LONG trek for a long weekend type trip.

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Also, Alaska in November might be a little less fun than in the summer.


@abasket – I’m pretty sure OP is fine taking his wife for a wine trip. It’s the 20th anniversary not the first!

We went every 5th anniversary back to New Orleans where we spent our honeymoon. Worked great until Katrina. But I’m sure we’ll get back on track eventually. In the meantime we’ve had a blast introducing our kids to NO.

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We are a couple but we also are not a couple. She is my God. She made me who I am. I worship her. I got her blessing to surprise her and this is what I am working on. Are we good?

Thank you @gouf78 - Geez!

It may have helped if you had been clear from the beginning that you wanted to surprise her and she was okay with that. That is not my thing but I get it if that is yours. That is between you and your wife. Happy Anniversary.

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