If I were to not take at least honors chem, would I be screwed? (Context below)

Wow - you’re working on this early. How about APUSH next year for History - is that possible?

You’re in 10th grade - even if you think you know what you want to do, you probably don’t.

I work in a field i didn’t know existed til I graduated from grad school at 30 - and even then, it was probably another 5 years til I recognized what it is I do now.

At your age, it’s very likely you’ll be in a job that doesn’t even exist today.

That’s what’s so exciting about the future.

Keep your grades up, challenge yourself but not to the point you over stress, be involved in activities/the community, stay engaged, and you’ll find a great school and a great life.


Yeah, APUSH is possible. I am in English honors and that will be good for me, since good writing skills are needed. I’m just really f**ckin sad cuz all my chances are ruined cuz of one honors class that I didn’t take.

Ok… yeah 2 honors is nothing… Do I still have a chance is I take ap chem after I finish cp chemistry. What context do u need let me know…I replied to another guy with my schedule

because i messed up so hard and didn’t know my major until like rn

What type of schools are you hoping for. You know you are way ahead…you don’t have test scores. As I said, there’s a zillion colleges for you - so you’ll be fine.

You are a sophomore in HS - you don’t need to know a major for 3, 4 more years. Get great grades, participate in your community/school, and relax…it’ll all be ok.

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My school does offer honors chem and ap. I do not have a scheduling conflict (my schedule is below in one of the replies). I am doing nothing besides a sport.

because i messed up and didnt know what to major in until like now…

My Schedule for all asking:
Algebra II Honors
English II Honors
World history
Spanish 3

Again - not sure what you are talking about. You are a sophomore in HS - you don’t need to choose a major until, likely, sophomore in college.

Get involved in activities - leave everything as you have it (if you can move up to Honors Chem great)…if not. it’s ok.

You will be fine. I’m moving on.

Good luck.

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There’s no major or career that is closed to you because of what classes you have or haven’t taken thus far.

If you have been imagining that you might be able to get into some of the most competitive schools in the country, then you are going to need to re-calibrate your expectations. But, you don’t need to go to the most famous and competitive colleges in order to study science or engineering. Most people who end up these fields go to their public universities - schools that people with transcripts like yours can get into just fine.

What is your home state? What is your budget for college? How have your grades been thus far?

Get good grades, and maybe get involved in some sort of extracurricular related to your interests. There’s no need to be so dramatic about having “messed up” when you are really just getting started. It is totally okay that you will not be going to MIT; you can still study what you love and go as far as your motivation can take you in your chosen field.

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Your schedule is fine, Please don’t worry so much. You are in 10th grade. You will find a college that is good fit for you, but you don’t need to worry about that now. You don’t need to know your major either.

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No matter what you choose to major in, if you plan to apply to highly competitive colleges, you will be competing for admission against people who have taken the most rigorous courses available, all through high school. People don’t usually jump up to honors levels in late high school, having taken standard levels before then. Those who belong in honors levels courses find standard level classes too slow-paced, are bored, want to move up to honors and AP.

Did you find your standard level classes in 9th grade to move to slowly for you? Or were they just right? If you were working hard to do well in standard classes, then no matter what you intend to major in, that’s the right level for you. If you are bored in standard classes, then even if you intend to major in what others might consider to be an “easy” major, you should move up to a more challenging level now, for this year. What you don’t want to do is coast through standard level classes, just to get an easy 4.0, thinking that will get you into highly competitive colleges. It won’t.

If it’s not too late, I’d recommend you discuss with your counselor at school today moving up to all honors level classes for this year. I would not try to jump into AP Chem for this year, unless your school is only just beginning now.

In most schools, your previous year’s teacher makes a recommendation as to what level you should be taking for the next year. What did your teachers recommend for you, for this year’s classes?


Ok sorry

Something that’s reachable is one of the UC schools or maybe a competitive stem school