If I'm submitting an extra LoR....

<p>can it be submitted before my CommonApp or Supplement for the school is submitted? As in, can it be sent in now? They'll just sort it into somewhere and bring it out when I submit my app, right? Thanks!</p>

<p>bump...i'm curious too lol. Do i need to tell my recommenders (nonteacher, teacher, guidance) to wait until I finish my common app before sending their letters, or do they just send it...That's along the lines of what you're asking too right, physicsnut1?</p>

<p>^yep... I'm pretty sure it'd be okay but I really just want to double check so I don't mess anything up :)</p>

<p>ya most admissions offices keep everything they receive be it SAT scores or Letters of recs on file. So if you send it early, they will most likely just slip it into a folder with your name on it. I don't know if you should wait until you submit your app to tell your teachers to send it at the same time (this may be more convenient for the adm office).</p>