10 char</p>

<p>go about making a resume that you might use for a job/leadership position and post it here...</p>

<p>thats the thing the. The VAST majority of my time is dedicated to playing a sport which i do intend to continue in college. Do to time comminants to this sport I have never actually had a paying job. My leadership credentials is confined to being a team captain and being the head coach of a youth program. would this make ilr an impossibility for me?</p>


<p>ILR does have several athletic minded people...and offers a course/club in sports management...</p>

<p>you just have to think why ILR vs other majors/schools..</p>

<p>so the whole lack of experience thing isnt a big deal?</p>

<p>you've dedicated yourself to things you like that's pretty authentic...</p>

<p>in your essay you will have to tell ILR why you would want to go to ILR vs other schools...</p>

<p>reading the ILR literature will be helpful in this...</p>

<p>Totally agree- ILR is all about demonstrated interest and passion, sports included! I'm sure you've learned a little something about team management and group dynamics in those roles.</p>