IMPORTANT! Submit your FAFSA by Feb 15!

<p>Please explain to me how FAFSA works? I have no idea.
If Cost of college= 21000,EFC= 5000, Loan=5000. Who will pay for 11000? Is it PELL grant? Does PELL grant automatically give 11K or must apply?
I think if parent cannot afford 11K, change to cheaper school, but is FAFSA useless?</p>

<p>Look at the financial aid forums here on CC...they can explain FAFSA in detail (and you can see all the people who complain about it!). For schools that say they "meet all need", the school will make up the difference in work/study, other school-based grants. FAFSA determines who qualifies for Pell Grants (which are a specific amount), work study, etc. and also determines "need" which some merit/need scholarships required. Unfortunately, UMD does NOT "meet all need", so if the gap cannot be met with outside loans (which probably are not recommended that you get yourself in that much debt), starting at a community college or at a school that gives you merit $ to cover the costs are viable options. Good luck.</p>