IMSA Applicant Class of 2024

Hey, I don’t have insta. Could we do Facebook instead? Apparently IMSA does everything on Facebook.

yep, that works too! i’m a little less familiar with facebook, but if you want to friend me i’m here (:

kk thanks

We technically did. Although we were not in person we were able to go to regionals and sectionals.

Everyone who is accepted to IMSA 2024, please join the discord server.

How/when do people pick their roommates (if we’re going back to dorms)?

insta: jaejunpark29
snap: jjpark19

Has anyone created a class of 2024 group chat or something like that?

there’s one on snap but i was added yesterday and one of the people is so toxic ://

Kk. I just sent u a message

With the deadline of decisions coming in soon I was wondering what people are thinking. Those who were accepted are you guys more prone to going to staying at your local school. I know this year there is a lot more waitlisted people because of this.

Personally, I think I’m going to go to IMSA; but that’s mainly bc the school I go to rn isn’t the greatest, and has few science-related activities. So by my logic, if I made it this far already, I might as well just go for it and attend IMSA. (…obviously there’s a lot of other factors to consider, but in the long-run that’s my current decision)

I’m going. I’ll admit that most of the reasons are to just get into a good STEM university, cuz isn’t that what high school is for? Even if I do get a weighted 4.5+ GPA here, nobody would care cuz my high school is the exact same as the 20,000+ high schools in the country and I would go to a worse school than if I got a 3.5+ GPA at imsa, and the number of connections, opportunities, etc. is just incomparable. Finally, I want to major in stem, but we haven’t had a single person go to a top university for STEM in 15 years.

Has anyone heard anything about appealing an admission? For those who are waitlisted this year, I believe if admission is appealed there may be a high chance to get in due to COVID. For anyone who knows anything about the appeal process let me know.

Why would there be a higher chance because of covid? Yeah, activities were canceled but that happened for the entire world. I skimmed that document a few weeks ago and think that they go through your application again and make a vote if you were assessed fairly. I honestly wouldn’t expect much for it