<p>I got my postcard today (finally!) :)</p>

<p>go postcards whooo i love how i have the most useless posts just to try to get to such a loser</p>

<em>looks at own post count</em></p>

<p>I think I'm the bigger loser here.</p>

<p>hahahaha. nope ur a senior member. that makes u uber cool. hopefully i will get to 300 at SOME point before dec 15</p>

<p>most def. I was on 250 a few days ago :o (gasps at the embarassing implications)</p>

<p>lol but almost 500! (too bad you don't get anything like Member and 1/2 or something)</p>

<p>yeah, but don't worry Zant - i'll be catching up to you real soon! C&G</p>