Is 750 okay for a Math II Score?

I know this question was asked many times before, but I want to see what the opinion is now.

On the recent June test, I got a 750 on the Subject Test Math II. On the regular SAT, I got a perfect score on the Math Section (800)

In August, I am also retaking Physics (because I did absolutely atrocious on that test.) Should I register for both Physics and Math II or just concentrate on Physics? (I am aiming for top schools such as MIT)

For almost every college 750+ is more than good enough. However, at MIT, a 750 M2 score is below the 25th percentile and an 800 is at the 75th percentile. So if you’re aiming for MIT, you should retake.

I agree it’s all relative. If you’re really looking at MIT, then it’s low. But schools “such as” MIT are very limited in that respect. It would be low at Caltech, maybe one or two more, in the 25-75 percentile range for most other top 20 schools, and a good score for all other schools.

To add - I think it also depends on what your expectations/capabilities are for the test. Did you get 800’s on every practice test, including the harder-than-actual Barron’s tests? Or it 750 in the upper range of your actual CB practice tests. The answer may be different in those two scenarios. And do you have time to prep to retake M2 in addition to Physics. I would think it’s a bit more challenging the further you get from finishing the course unless you keep up on review.