Is a math minor useful (along with CS)?

At any decent college CS major, the student should have experience writing code (to implement concepts taught in CS courses) in various programming languages with the ability to learn others as needed by the time of graduation. Additional CS electives were not be merely for the purpose of learning additional programming languages.


How much a math minor helps depends on the area in CS you want to specialize in (some require much more math than others) and the core requirements of your school’s CS program (i.e. the required math-intensive courses, regardless whether they’re labelled math courses or not). For example, a math minor adds little if your goal is software development, or it may be redundant for some of the more rigorous CS programs.

Knowing multiple programming languages isn’t a big deal either. Once you become skilled in a well-regarded programming language (e.g. C/C++), learning another language is trivial. Each programming language has its strengths and weaknesses, or may be optimized for certain tasks, but they are conceptually all the same, essentially.

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