Is anyone in "Visionaries" exploration floor in Goddard?

<p>Hi, I'm really interested in Goddard (for the bonding experience and proximity to the Silver building since I'm in CAS) but I'm not very enthusiastic about politics, social studies, writing essays and reading literary books. I was considering applying to the Visionaries floor but now that I know it doesn't do much, I don't know if I should apply to Goddard anymore.</p>

<p>Do you know if the students in Visionaries still enjoy their dorm life despite the lack of activities? And are there any students who are also not interested in the humanities dorming in Goddard? Which floors do they normally choose?</p>

<p>Any advice will be greatly appreciated =)</p>

<p>rainb0w- the ResCollege aspect doesn't dictate dorm life. there are lots of people that aren't active in tehir stream but still having a great time being in the dorm. i would still apply. also, for visionaries it's probably going to be different next year, the RA will change etc.</p>

<p>Thanks mememe245!</p>