Is it really that nerve-wrecking?

<p>Taking the SAT and the SAT Subject Test shouldn't be that discouraging for students. I mean the test isn't a make it or break it deal for getting into college since there are other important factors as well. Also, if a student doesn't do as well as they liked on the SAT or SAT Subject Tests, they can always prepare and resit the exam again.</p>

<p>I was kind of nervous when I did my first SAT's, but then I got used to it. As for my SAT subject tests, although I was quite sick that day, I was really calm when I did them.</p>

<p>Don't worry you'll servive and live to tell your experience. lol</p>

<p>^ I'll know if a miracle happened on the 16th.</p>

<p>Yeah the test definitely isn't nervewracing when you're taking. its waiting for the results that is</p>