is it snowing?

<p>How was it?</p>

<p>i had some coke and a cookie
it was good
but it wasn't snowing</p>

<p>wonder whether we're getting school... it's supposed to keep snowing</p>

<p>close the schooool!! damn it</p>

<p>Well, we certainly did have snowed for about five minutes early last night, and then it completely stopped...</p>

<p>yeah we totally had school normally today</p>

<p>i stayed up until 5 for no reason, then did my homework until 6</p>

<p>i fell asleep in ap calc</p>

<p>Oh, that sucks...</p>

<p>No school my ASSumption! We got like 1 cm of loose powder.</p>

<p>We got like 3 inches. Ahh.</p>

<p>I was barely tired today - I was too busy doing work that I wasn't doing last night. :P</p>

<p>I felt horrible today, but that was okay since I had an academic team competition...I wasn't really hungry this morning, though, so that made me feel pretty horrible...At my Key Club board meeting today, I really felt bad...It's probably since I got 5 hrs. of sleep last night and four on Monday night...</p>

<p>I got about 2 last night and 5 on Sunday night.</p>