Is this a good list/I need more match schools!

Why do you need more match schools?

News to me that Pitt has an architecture program, lol. Carnegie Mellon has a great program, I know people who graduated from it and are extremely successful.

According to their website has a BA and BS. This is the BS which I would assume would be more relevant - interesting it’s housed in Arts & Sciences.

B.S. in Architecture | Architectural Studies Program | University of Pittsburgh

They don’t, really. It’s a pre-Architecture program. A student would then need a M.Arch. to independently practice.

Also, the OP hasn’t been back in three days.

Most colleges have 2 tracks for M.Arch. A 2 year degree for those who completed a BS and a 3-4 year degree for those who majored in something different. My DD is in a BS program (junior) for various reasons. If she didn’t like it, she could transfer and not take extra time to complete another degree. Her full scholarship is for 4 years, not 5. As a Graduate student, your parents are no longer on your FAFSA. You are able to take a higher government loan, and there are other ways to pay for grad school like TA positions, other jobs within a university. I currently work at a college and our Grad assistants get 9 free credits and $8000 stipend each semester. An M.Arch is a terminal degree, you can teach college with it. I do know last years graduates from my DD’s program are at great schools for their Masters, like Harvard, OSU and Princeton (oh and IVY tuition is running $12000 a year). Financially it made better sense for us.

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Nope, this is incorrect for most schools. It is just 2 years at most schools (with a BS in Architecture), the 3 year track is for those who do not have a design background. We are in the process of getting a graduate portfolio together right now. Some colleges like Kent State will have a 4+1 (BS to M.Arch). Your choices will come down to a 5 year B.Arch or a 6 yr M.Arch which is a terminal degree, with an option of a 5 yr M.Arch at some schools. 9I explained the funding option in an above post) Here is VT (all of the required courses are covered in the BS program) M.Arch.2 Admissions Requirements · school of architecture + design · Virginia Tech

A couple of other thoughts… Do not run up debt for an Arch degree. Starting pay is relatively low $50000. Every Architect you ask will tell you that. Second, despite the rankings, regions tend to hire architects from local schools, Kent State graduates easily find work in Cleveland, Kennesaw State in Atlanta, etc… I would stick to an area you are interested in living and working. Internships are required, and you want to be in an area with a lot of opportunities.