Is UC Berkeley underrated?

<p>"For example, Mudd has the best students. Is Mudd the best school? I don't think so. Olin has the best students. Is Olin the college? I don't think so either."-RML</p>

<p>What, you think that Harvey Mudd or Olin attract students because of their name recognition? How many movies even mention either of the schools? Zero.</p>

<p>Let's see what motivations smart students have for picking schools:</p>

<li>Name recognition</li>
<li>Money (Aid)</li>
<li>Quality of Extracurriculars (sports, social, etc)</li>
<li>Quality of Education</li>

<p>So for HMC:
1. No
2. Not really
3. Not really
4. Probably</p>

<p>So you think someone who is truly passionate about engineering/science would ever turn down MIT or Caltech for Mudd? It happens. In all honesty, what do YOU think drives them to do such a thing? What matters most to these students?!</p>

<p><em>Edit: I removed some massive shoot-down to you, RML. I didn't want to make you cry.</em></p>