January 2013 I Math (plane and sphere, math and academic team)

<p>Same! I always make the dumbest errors <em>cough cough the plane and sphere question</em> ugh</p>

<p>For that last question I also got n=18 and p=3 by simplifying the radical, in the end I got 18-3=15. No idea If I am right though.</p>

<p>It’s right :)</p>

<p>I almost accidentally wrote five but I changed to 15</p>

<p>It’s 15. 100% sure.</p>

<p>I have terrible memory. What other questionable math questions were there?</p>

<p>What’d you get for the one that was like a<em>10^5/b</em>10^-3? I’m pretty sure it was E (I read 1<b<a<10) but some people had D (which would be if 1<a<b<10)</p>

<p>It was definitely a<b so D</p>

<p>What did y’all put for the question regarding the two intersecting circles and the rhombus in the middle? I think I put 18pi… A lot of people are saying 16pi, though.</p>

<p>It’s 16pi. If you split up the polygon into triangles they were equilateral (sides were radii). So the degree of the “arc” you could say was 120 since the radius is 6, the two circumferences added together is 24pi. Then subtract (1/3<em>(12pi))</em>2 to get 8pi. Subtract 8pi from 24 to get 16pi</p>

<p>Ax^2+bx+c=. X(ax-b)+c. Dont we use this???</p>

<p>We plug in the vertex as b and c and i got a=1</p>

<p>100 recent sure a> 1 the parablola was vertically compressed this it had to have a stretch factor greater than 1. It was also drawn to scale.</p>

<p>Best decision I’ve ever made: Omitting the parabola. People still can’t settle on an answer.</p>

<p>I dont understand the confusion on the parabola. The curve never even crossed the y-axis. It was clearly a>1</p>

<p>What would you guys guess the curve is for 5 math wrong</p>

<p>what about the one for the number line, 1.5-4.5 where one segment was 2/3 of the other…I got 2.7 for x cuz 1.2/1.8 is 2/3</p>

<p>Readyfor2014 ME TOO!!! I could’ve sworn that was right but most people wrote 3.5…? I think it’s 2.7 still…and I usually do well at math</p>

<p>P is at 1.5, Q is at 4.5 on the number line.</p>

<p>Let’s say that R is between P and Q. The distance of R from P is 2/3 the distance of P from Q. Where could R be?</p>

<p>3.5 10char</p>