January update

hey there! i’m a junior at berea (but not international). it won’t let me include a link, but if you just google “Berea College international application process,” you’ll get all the info you need.
i do have a few tips for you regarding how to get in:

  • berea likes leaders, so any leadership roles, competitions, volunteer activities & other extracurriculars will look really good. people without any of those come off as weak candidates.
  • show an interest in the college and its history. some people just apply for the scholarship, but they want you to have a genuine interest and passion for berea and its mission. whenever you get the chance to speak with a representative, ask them questions. for example, “what clubs/organizations does berea have pertaining to xxx major?” this school is tough & not everyone can handle it - that’s why this is so important to them.
  • put a lot of time & thought into your essay. the quality should be excellent.
  • make sure that your gpa & test scores are stellar.
  • a job will help but NOT at the expense of your gpa.
  • get some really good people you trust to fill out those recommendation forms.
  • one recommendation people got when I was applying was to get your materials submitted as quickly as you can - they preferred to have everything within a month. although, I am not too sure how important this is too them, as my materials certainly took longer than a month to get in.
  • often times people who write their essay around perseverance do really well & that’s the type of thing berea likes to see anyway.
  • one last thought: when i was applying, i knew there was a lot on the line (free tuition, free room & board, a book stipend, two free paid internships, reduced study abroad - domestic only though, paid conferences, $350 worth of professional clothing, free health insurance, etc) - all of that weighed heavily on my mind, but not as a sort of pressure, more so as motivation. let everything they offer motivate you when you apply. there are so many opportunities here. the faculty is great & the students have an amazing offer, aside from the tuition (what I mentioned above). many of the students, myself included, weren’t even sure of all the resources the school offers until we got there because there are just so many. in fact, I just received a free interview prep kit from them. freshmen can get new shoes by joining the president’s run/walk club. they are very selective with their international students so find a way to stand out by being creative, perhaps in an essay or your extracurriculars.
    best of luck.

Thank you so much. I’ll keep that in mind.

Hi, I’m a non-traditional international student from Vietnam who is applying for Fall 2022 (I’m 25). Could you please share what your application looked like when you applied?

I would like to connect with you personally as I have a few more questions about the international students body there. I would really appreciate if you could share your experience.

Thank you so much!

This video is old, but gives a good overview of the international perspective:

It is 10 years old and reflective of the time (9/11).

@Heriniaina whats up. where are you in the application process?

International Students applying for Fall 2022! What date will we get that January Update?

Hello, I think January 31. I am also an international student from Nigeria

Alright fantastic! Looking forward to it :nigeria:

International student 22’ as well waiting for the January status update :blush: good luck to everyone fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: