JHU ED II Waitlist 2026

My son got an email too about summer waitlist. I have read somewhere in the past, Hopkins had done that. Not sure of actual admit probability.

It’s too late. We were about to packing. My son wants to stick his commit school but I was wondered how late it was because of asking more waiting. :sweat_smile:

What does an extended wait list exactly mean? Is it like a shortlisted smaller pool from the current waitlist?

Normally, like Harvard, Stanford it is that meaning you explained. But I don’t know about JHU. If other waitlists got reject letter, and then that is the exact that meaning.

I still have the original waitlist, but did not get an offer to be on the extended.

Same here

I’m not sure whether if there’s any international student who received that extended wl email since it’s literally impossible to manage many stuff in a short time

hey folks - just received the email that they closed the wait list as they cannot add any more to the current year.