Joaquin…are we worried yet ?

There’s a SAT on Saturday. I just did enough investigation to see the hurricane isn’t due in our area until Sunday.

I wonder how they will handle the SAT in Florida, SC, and GA which will be experiencing the storm on Saturday?

We always get hit. Always. My son just mentioned how “sweet” it would be to have Monday off to read and write more essays. We usually get 2-5 days off school per hurricane.

Tonight’s report- Carolinas? A lot of data has come in today- more info tomorrow.

This morning it’s looking more like it may be going further north of the Carolinas and more towards New Jersey. And it’s a Category 3 now. Yikes! So we’re watching it in Massachusetts just in case and will certainly see beach erosion in any case.

D is planning to drive here (NoVA) from Brooklyn tomorrow or Saturday. Timing will depend on the storm. I suggested Amtrak but it is very expensive and she has stuff she needs to bring. I admit I will be nervous until she gets here

Go, Team European Model!

Word this morning is that the American models are now trending toward the European model, and that while the mid-Atlantic may gets a whole lot of rain and flooding, the brunt of the storm may be felt by the fish out in the ocean. Let’s hope that’s true.

And IF it’s true, my question will be Why is the European model more accurate than the American model? They were more accurate about Sandy too. Why do they have a more accurate hurricane model when they don’t even get hurricanes?

^They have better STEM education!

And the European model was the outlier when most of the other models were making landfall in NC or VA. How are we so bad at predicting this? Although, it’s still a few days away and who knows exactly where it’s going yet.

European weather computers are more powerful. Weather forecasting needs supercomputers, and the Europeans have faster computers.

Iirc, wasn’t the Weather Service’s budget drastically cut a few years ago? I believe I read that the cuts were going to severely effect the upgrading of the computer systems, along with many other essential services. We get what we pay for.

More money being poured into computers for weather service. Still have benefit of other countries models.
When you live in England which is an island with a lot of weather you spend more I guess…

Chris Christie - state of emergency declared. But, tracking models seem to trend eastward track.

Please remember all this the next time you hear someone wanting to eliminate the Department of Commerce.

Re: post 31: Gov Christie actually declared a state of emergency because of a separate weather system, a noreaster, is expected to cause flooding and high winds. It’s not because of Joaquin.

@hayden true he spoke about the double whammy, the first storm and risk of flooding, but I hardly think that alone would warrant a state of emergency.He addressed the possibility of Joaquin, and wants everyone prepared- direct order to those in atlantic, cape may and Cumberland counties,- to start hurricane preparations now.
Sandy is fresh in everyone’s psyche- he has enlisted former experienced Sandy personnel into action.
So, Joaquin is a factor.

Stay dry, everyone

According to Christie internal info, the noreaster is the reason for the state of emergency being declared effective today. If Joaquin is truly headed toward NJ, he would not have declared as early as today. He threw that in because it’s a possibility that needed saying. It’s moot though, and I certainly don’t mean to be argumentative - what counts is that NJ needs to batten down the hatches.

Now a Category 4…

Regarding the commentary on supercomputers, apparently they upgraded in 2015 and are moving right along:

Wow the weather sure changed. Earlier this week it was in the 80’s and I had the AC on. Now it’s in the 50’s and low 60’s. In NOVA everything slows down when it rains so I’m expect the grocery stores to be busy but the traffic to come to a halt. Cool weekend means catching up on the to do list at home.