Just "okay" for LA?

<p>Just don't give up, I got lucky with some of the classes, really didn't think I was gonna do quite as well as I did lol, things just fell into place.</p>

<p>Thanks, I'll do my best! </p>

<p>EDIT -- Figured out the prerequisite thing. Hoping I can get three in at least!</p>

<p>@aninstance Thank you!</p>

<p>Remember much of your success in college/university relies on your attitude. I'm not going to lie sometimes it was tough LOL, but I had to change my negative way of thinking of things and just get things done. Remember, sometimes just "doing it" (for lack of a better expression) eliminates fear and the feeling of being overwhelmed. I also took advantage of programs that helped with priortity registration, textbook costs, and tutoring. No shame in getting help in my opinion, especially if it helps get out of a CCC faster (that is what they want and created those programs for).</p>

<p>@Itachirumon I agree with you 100%. I bet many people give up because they become too depressed at the thought of what needs to be done to move ahead. If someone thinks positively, challenges themself, and does their best and doesn't give up then a lot can happen in a relatively short amount of time.</p>

<p>Definitely the negative thinking didn't help. I was pretty depressed for a long time but all it did was make things harder for me now lol I'm just going to try like crazy and hope for the best :D Thanks so much for all the encouragement<3</p>

<p>^ Anytime, good luck!</p>